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Ask MaddMikes a Question!!

Ask Madd Mikes Blue Tornado Project your question on @ReverbNation. Inquiring mind wants to know.. MaddMike has a Question: "Do the blues make you feel better when you are down or do they help you bask in the glory of the misery?"

More Midnght Special Blues Radio

Here is More about Midnight Special Blues Radio: Midnight Special Blues Radio (Apr-Jul '12) Submission Status Manager Information Based in Paris, France, and broadcasting worldwide from the U.S. (Live365.com) and the U.K. (ShoutCast), Midnight Special Blues Radio was founded on January 16, 2004. Their goal is to provide unsigned/independent blues rock and rock artists with 24/7/365 airplay, support, and promotion. Since September 2007, the project includes the free bimonthly PDF magazine Blues Rocks the World.

Today, the station has a monthly listenership of over 6,000 hours in nearly 120 countries. Mostly listened to in: the United States (over 65%), Canada, France, Germany, U.K., Australia, and Italy.

Midnight Blue Radio is playing MaddMIkesBlue Music!!

Thanks Paul! Thanks Midnight Special Blues Radio! We are in Great company at Midnight Blue Radio!! this from Paul: Gig Name: Midnight Special Blues Radio (Apr-Jul '12) First Reviewed: Apr 15, 2012 Status: Selected Updated On: Apr 15, 2012 Response: Hi Michael, Thank you! Putting the tunes on the program. All the best! Paul ================== Midnight Special Blues Radio http://www.ms-blues.com

Roxie Perry is smokin Hot!

check this out

The Sound Garden!!

Come Grow your Sound! Come check out ours here on August 6 @ 6:00-10:00 pm and Sept 10 @6:00-10:00 pm

The Sound Garden 1279 NE 2nd St, Bend, OR 541 633 6804


Sharing with a new fan today

Pat Branch caught Lisa Dae singing "Love me Like a Man" so he fanned up with us. Here is the fly on the wall view:

DUDE! You Rock! I am blessed to be living in a town that appears to have a higher per capita ratio than Austin Texas for musicians that are more than world class. I must give a large chunk of the awesome to my fellow musicians. Just came from a Sunday Jazz Jam at the Northside Bar & Grill here in Bend Oregon and I gotta say if you dug that tune just wait til I can share some of the jazz tracks that went down today. Unbefugginbeleevable!! Hand on to your Butt cause we are bustin outta the Rutt!!


PS- I have decided to blog your letter out to the ether so maybe some other people will get to your site besides me. I am going to check you out now...

---------- From: Pat Branch... Bass Player / Songwriter

Hi Michael

Pat Branch, here in NYC… songwriter and bass player and also a member of REVERBNATION.

Surfing the REVERB charts…and I just visited your site. I’m playing and really enjoying your music. "Love Me Like A Man " is a terrific track of yours and I became your fan.

It would be cool if you visited me, too and become a fan.

Best of luck in your musical pursuits and on REVERBNATION.

Your new fan Pat B in NYC SONGWRITER/BASS PLAYER ♪♪♪♪♪♪

Thanks Everyone for the Love We are still #2

Thanks everyone for all the kind words and loving the blues. Let's get this Blues Party started! June 4 2011 Attitude Customs Bend Oregon http://www.attitudecustoms.com/ . Thanks Rick!

Big News Boiling on the Down Low

Hey! I got Big News. I would like to tell everybody but it is on the Down Low. Know what I mean? Stay tuned...MaddMikes Blue getting ready to Rock----YOU!!

First Friday Artwalk In Bend Oregon!

I love First Fridays! http://www.downtownbend.org/

Check out Reverend Deadeye

Man check out http://www.myspace.com/reverenddeadeye Reverend Rocks crazy