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Happy New Year

hope everyone is having a happy new year. we are getting ready to start our new year this weekend. The flute circle will me this weekend at the Anderson co Library in Lawrenceburg Ky, Saturday(1-7-12) at noon all are welcome.Then we will be going to the Hope Center in Lexington Ky Saturday evening. Then this Sunday(1-8-12) we will be at Waddy Christian church. Walk in beauty.

Pow-Wow time

We kicked off our powwow season this past weekend at the 2nd annual Catawba powwow in Rock Hill SC, just a real good time. Now we have about a week to get ready for the Gathering of Nations in Abq N.M. We plan to travel thru out the Navajo Nation while we are there. In May we will be closer to home, TN,KY,and Ohio. June will find us in Hot Springs. Getting a call or two almost everyday about playing, or about our event The Native Dawn. Walk in beauty, Fred.

Getting ready

Just a few more days and I will be on the road again. I will be doing a local show tomorrow in Mercer Co. Things are really taking off this year. I feel blessed to be able to go out and play for anyone and everyone. Tonight we went to eat and I end up playing my flute for the people there. You never know what will come out of even the smallest things. Walk in beauty, Fred