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SR9 Loves Japan!

Hello or "Ohayou!" Small Room 9 is being played on a Japanese Radio station this week! "Arigatou gozaimasu" to all in Japan for supporting Small Room 9. So far, I have been contacted by fans from sweeden, england, and japan who have bought our album. Thank you all so much. It is an exciting thing to be heard around the world! If anyone else is from out of the country listening to us at the moment, please let us know! We would love to hear from you.

CD Release

Well, with all the bad news about the storm, there is some good news! We now have our album for sale through our label's website and on iTunes! The wait is over folks! Download it from the links provided for our label or on iTunes! No matter! Just hook it up! Amazon and CDBaby will be available soon as well! CD release party also to be announced very, very soon! It's a great day to be an SR9 fan!

Free Concert / Video Shoot

Hey guys! We have big news and need your help! We are shooting a video THIS SUNDAY @ Grill and Grocery Downtown in Hattiesburg. Show will start around 8 and the best part is it's free! The video will be for "Let Me Be" but we'll be playing a few more songs from the album as well. So, tell your friends, get all dolled up, and we'll see you there! Thanks guys!

Special Update!

SPECIAL_UPDATE: SR9 is proud to announce they have signed a deal out of Nashville! Specifics will be announced later. Their hard work over the years has paid off, but it is only beginning. A deal means they have help, but only the FANS make a band successful. So, please continue sharing and spreading the word about us. Stay tuned for more exciting news, show dates, and a music video to be posted soon!