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"Scars of the Earth" EP ordering instructions

So you want a copy of our new EP, huh? Well, as you probably already know, the EP is estimated to be available on December 20, 2012 (possibly earlier). To order a copy, visit us on our Facebook at www.facebook.com/skinwicked and send us a MESSAGE (not wall post) with your address, quanitity desired, and preferred method of delivery. Delivery options are mail or personal delivery (we dont expect tips, but you would still tip the pizza boy, right?). The EP will cost 6 dollars, and cash is the only payment method accepted. We will carry change. For mail in-orders, your order will not be sent until payment is received. Alternatively, if you happen to find one of us, we will probably have a copy on us! We are accepting orders at this time so we can put together our list and be on top of the game once the CDs arrive in our hands. QUANTITY IS EXTREMELY LIMITIED. If you want a copy, speak up, because we may not have them for long! Thank you for your support!

Album Changes to EP

Due to unforseen financial and time restraints, the album has been reduced to an EP.

The EP has been completely recorded, and is now in its mastering stage, and will be released late November / early December. An exact date will be released within the next two weeks.

The EP is 7 tracks, and runs about 33 minutes. It includes all original material, except one cover.

Stay tuned for ordering details, an official release date!

Album Update #1

Hey all!

Figured you guys wanted some sort of update on the album, seeing as how you haven't got any real updates since the announcement back in February!

Well, we've got about 7 tracks done, and this figures to be a 12 track album, so we are over the halfway mark. The progress has been slowed slightly due to conflicting work schedules, but September looks to be a pretty productive month.

As for a release date, the album is predicted to be out in late winter or early spring of 2013. Maybe earlier, depending on how hard we nail this thing. Album art is also being made as we speak, and we will definitely have that out to you soon.

When not in studio, we have been making new songs and making demos at home to bring to studio, making the recording process a little easier. Our producer, Vaughn Bannister, has also been hard at work mixing in our absence.

So look for us to be in studio a lot once this amazing weather declines. We have to enjoy it too, ya know!

One last thing. Our search for new members has also been a productive one. Not gonna get too into the details of that, but you may have a chance to see us live throughout the winter, so keep that in mind and make sure you make the time to come see us when we get a show lined up!

Thats it for now. Ill be sure to post more of these updates in the future so you aren't all just guessing at what we have been up to.