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July 26th Tree House Lounge...LivingSocial show...

Get your tickets to the Saturday, July 26th Tree House Lounge show. Great drink deals for only $5. https://www.livingsocial.com/events/1193868-ticket-to-stereosleep-at-treehouse-lounge?id=1193868-ticket-to-stereosleep-at-treehouse-lounge&msdc_id=1-washington-d-c

Thanking the friend and fans...

We just want to thank all of our family, friends, and fans...the 3Fs.... for supporting us. It's been an insanely interesting 12 months. Last year, our lead singer was attacked and injured in a bizarre mugging/acid attack. He spent months in the hospital and recovery, and is still undergoing reconstructive surgery to care for burns and rebuilding his eyes from the blindness caused mmy the chemical. Yeah, it's been a tumultuous year, and despite it all, we've produced some of our most intense and powerful music, with so much more yet to be recorded. We are playing tons of great shows including the very prestigious DC Fort Reno concert series, for which we are very honored to have been selected. Our army of supporters and fans has grown to over 11,500. We've been ranked number one by reverberation, and while we don't take much stock in such rankings, we are deeply appreciative to have our hard work recognized by the music community in Washington, DC and across the country. We just want to send a very heart felt thank you to all of you who have taken the time to really listen to our work. Our music is our statement to the world and our attempt to speak to the human experience and it's many highs, lows, ironies, battles, failures, successes, deaths, and ultimately, rebirths. stereosleep has come to symbolize the rebirth of the human spirit...it symbolizes the period when all seems lost...but the moment whereby the human spirit latches onto the smallest light-particle of hope, and revives itself. We thank our stereosleep army as we continue our effort to share our hope, our message, our fight, our spirit, and our music with the world. May we meet you in your dreams...at the intersection of hope and despair...the place where there spirit awakens from sleep and stands above all.

Rock N Roll Hotel

We are ready to rock Rock N Roll hotel. We haven't played there in ages so it will be a bit of a homecoming as it was the first place we ever played. Looking forward.

NYC Fever

As Hurricane Sandy creeps her dirty way up the East Coast, anticipation continues to build for the New York tour. We are so anxious to land in the big apple to spread our pretty noise. Come out and see what is sure to be an amazing.

DC9 to NYC

Last night's show at DC9 was A W E S O M E. We played with the Mariner Project and Money Paper Hearts, and they both killed. It was an interesting night because, although the crowed wasn't huge, the energy was insane. We could feel something change in the way we delivered the music, and the way it was received by the fans. Now its off to NYC, we hope to see you there.

Recording and Playing

Ah, a 3 hour Sunday practice getting our new song, "Reaction" ready to perform for the first time at Black Cat, and to record in the coming weeks. We're exciting because the bridge of the song was missing until last practice, when it organically developed out of the thin air.


Welcome to the world of stereosleep. Thank you for joining us on this journey.