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Wish He Would've Listened

I recently had an opportunity to get reacquainted with my nephew..For various reasons I wont say his name, but my Dude is like a mini me..Short, cool, and loves Mary Jane. But anyhow, we had been some what estranged, hadn't kicked the bo-bo's in over a year or 2. Just a few days ago we were hanging out, getting our smoke on. I had a branch of that head banger boogie, I told nephew to make sure he took ALL the seeds and stems out..He started laughing, "Man, aint nobody doing that no mo Unc. So I laughed, as I watched him roll a fat doobie, stems, seeds and all..He lit the doob., seed popped- and knocked his eye out..Now he, "Wish He Would've Listened"....:)

Supreme King

Words of Wisdom: A lot of times, its a natural reaction for Kings, to feel a certain sting, when they receive word of a new King being crowned. What they don't realize is, its at that point, they're being given an opportunity to become Supreme Kings, by allowing those whom God put around them, a chance to grow and become what God intended them to be. -Diamond Z-

Tears with a Stranger

First and foremost I would like to say, this is an absolute true and honest story..It actually happened 2 days ago, and I was too moved to even discuss it until now. As most folks may already know, my day job is assistant general manager at a well known bagel company. To go a step further, if you know me, then you also know that I have a bubbly personality, which usually attracts folks to me. Most kids think Im one of the coolest people around, and most of the kids that come into my job, usually leave laughing uncontrollably. About a year an a half ago a young sister came into my bagel store with her son. I mentioned that she was a sister, only because its relevant to the story. Anyhow, she came in with her son who was around 3 or 4 years old, and as I was cashing her out, I was kidding around with her son, who out of the blue asked me if I was his daddy, she said boy shut up, you know who ur dam daddy is.Obviously she was embarrassed, and I didn't wanna say anything in-appropiate, so after I gathered myself together from a deep hard laugh, I replied NO, but I am your uncle. This made everyone within hearing distance of us laugh. After that, they would come in a few times a week, and lil man would never fail to say something funny. Then all of a sudden I didn't see em any more. About a year went pass, I changed store locations and I now work about 20 minutes away from my original store. 2 days ago, a young sister came into my new location, and we were both looking like, "where do I know him/her from". Then she asked, "Didnt you use to work in the Libertyville store". I replied, "Yeah, I thought I knew you" , "How have you been". She responded with the usual pleasantries, "I'm Fine". Then I asked, "Where is lil man". And her response, has had me in a crazy space for the last 2 days. She said, "Lil man gon".. I said, "What do you mean gon ? Is he with family for the summer or something". She said, "Naw, Lil man passed away June 8th last year, exactly 1 year and 2 days". She said they were at Wisconsin Dells, and while playing, he passed out, and never came back. He had a rare heart disease, that took his little life at only four years old. I hugged her, and we cried right at the register..She said she also has a ten year old daughter, and that has helped her to keep things together. As she was leaving I finally found out her name, and I prayed to God to put me in a position to help people like her, and then I realized He already has. A sincere hug from a stranger, is sometimes more heart warming, than a thousand laughs with so called friends and family..So today, I thank God for giving me a heart, that allows me to shed, "Tears with a Stranger"..

Am I the Bad Guy

I've been married for 8 years, this August. My wife was my girl for over 2 years before we got married. So she's been my girl for over ten years now. The day after my wedding I awoke, to find my wife on a cat rescue run with our neighbors at the time. She came home with a kitten, and I hated cats. She went thru this whole thing about how easy they are to care for, theyre really self sufficient, I mean she really laid it on. She put some cat litter in a shoe box, and boom-the lil dude went right to it. She ran to get a camera and scared the shit outta the lil kitten, so wouldnt you know- he hopped outta the litter box, ran straight up my leg, and burried his head under my arm. In doing so, he brought shit up my leg with him. I admit he won my heart tho. I was pissed, and laughing uncontrollably at the same dam time. 2 Years later, she calls me from work, to inform me that her boss, found another all black kitten in her laundry room, and thought she would be perfect our boy cat Tigger. So here we go again, my comes home with a second kitten, that we had to pay to have her fixed and get shots and all that. Obviously we were getting her fixed. Our boy cat is as well. Otherwise they piss all over and have you and your house smelling horrible, very horrible. Anyhow, over the summer, someone posted on FB, that they had found a littre of kittens in their barn, and that they were dying from the heat. It was during a four day 100 degree run here in Chicago. The shared pictures and what not, and Dammmmm- it happened again. We ended up with anutha kitten, but his time she was a sickly lil heffah. Cost almost 500 in vet bills, but again I admit, they all won my heart..Today, I get a picture text at work of a black lab puppy. Guess who sent it? :) Yep, the wifey. He's sooo cute, and they only want 60 bucks for him, and he already has his shots and de-wormers, and blah blah blah. I immediately and very firmly sent a reply text. NO.. I get home, and no she didnt get him anyway, at least I dont think so, but boy she sure is pissed with me. We already have 3 dam cats. We dont have kids, so I went along with the cats, but I have to draw the line with the dog. Besides the fact, puppies are a lot of work, and she doesnt get it. What Im sure of is, it'll be just a matter of time before he becomes my puppy and Im left to walk his ass in the cold, clean up his nasty ass accidents in the hous, which is wall to wall carpeted by the way. Im sticking to my guns, and the answer is still NO. Am I the bad guy?

No Loss

"You can't lose, what you never had" and that's true for anything in life. From friends, to money, to you name it. If you feel you lost it, It was never really your's, it didn't really belong to you, and you weren't supposed to have it. If these things had been so, then regardless to how the situation may look, you always had and will always have these things. From friends, to money, to characteristics, you name it. It's said that, when a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing, and receives God's favor. A gift from God. Certain gifts we receive are to help us to grow and become gifts to others. And so on, and so on. So its safe to say that a gift from God, is a gift that truly keeps on giving , and never leaves or forsakes you. So anything you thought you once had, but now you don't, at the end of the day was no loss, because it was also never a gain.

Sucker Punched

Its Sunday morning, if you cant make it to church, I recommend finding a quiet room in your house, grabbing your Bible, and before u open it-PRAY.Ask God to show u what He would have u read today.And be very careful, not to share with others, what was meant only for you. Meaning, "Dont post it on your face book page. No need for pictures of you reading the bible.God says, when you do that, the praise that you get from all those who like your post, is all your gonna get. But if you secretly pray to Him, keep your mouth shut, and patiently await His further instructions, your reward will be un measurable. Anyone unable to see that we are in a spiritual war, is sure to become a casualty. People walking into schools killing our kids, public safe zones are no longer safe, from schools-to movie theaters, to you name it, we are seeing un-explainable acts of violence, and its causing us to look in the opposite direction of where the shots are actually being fired from. We use to call it "Sucker Punch". Make em focus on our right fist, while we prepare to deliver the knock out blow with the left. The same echo system that's causing extreme changes in our weather, is also disrupting other areas of our lives. We have a fire building up, and our attempts to put it out, is only making it bigger. We now have to depend on the wisdom of the "Fire Chief" bka, "God"-the creator of all things. He promises, that if we turn to Him, He will deliver us, and He has never not kept a promise. Never!! No matter what your going through, remember that He allowed His only son, whom had never done anything, to come and give His life for people who were evil, ungrateful and very hateful. I personally couldn't have done it. I spend quiet time with God, He has and is continuing to quietly change me from the inside out, I have come a long way, but I am soooo far from being able to imitate His act of unselfishness. Instead of being sucker punched, its time to "flip the script" and do the sucker punching.. God Blesses those who truly depend on Him..

Finger Pointing

This will be short sweet and to the point. As a parent, if you are not happy with the behavior your child is displaying, and you find your self pointing your finger at anyone except yourself, you are sadly mistaken. This mornings Fox News broadcast, has an entire segment on "Does Violent Video Games" lead to real violence. Well, does a sex movie lead to wanting to have real sex? You dam right it does. There's an old saying, "If you go to the barber shop enough, you'll eventually get a hair cut". So if you dont want your child to get a hair cut, its your responsibility, to figure out a way to keep them out of the barber shop. You cant start passing laws, making the barber's responsible, for your short comings as a parent. Your teenage daughter gets pregnant, do you blame the movie "Juno" ? Yeah, there are quite a few of you who would. But if your child turns out to be an astronaut, you want the credit for your good parenting skills. You don't give the credit to the science teachers in school. So in my opinion, its the hypocritical views of bad parenting that's to blame for so much violence in our communities. Not me or those of the entertainment industry.

Mirror Breakers

Hello family, friends, I want to start by saying that this is just my opinion,but recently I've been taking a lot of criticism from family friends about some of the songs I write. To be more specific, " Fancy cars, and you're rolling with the stars, don't even matter, when you're headed to hell and you cant even tell, nobody cares that you-got" Now, before I break down my point of view on that, let me begin by breaking down what a "Mirror Breaker" is: So, a person is over weight, but surrounded by people even more over weight, and for years they justified their weight, by saying "I'm not as big as the other's". But then one day, they happen to walk pass a mirror, and get a glimpse of just how big they really are. Now, instead of devising a "Diet Plan", a course of action, they immediately reach over, and punch the mirror, obviously breaking it. As if the mirror, had it in for them, by showing them how big they really were.. I wrote this song because it was revealed to me through the word of God, that " It is easier for a camel, to crawl through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to get into heaven". That does not mean, that if your rich, you're going to hell. It didn't say, that you had to live your life in poverty, in order to get into heaven. There are many people financially comfortable, who also have treasures stored up in heaven, because of their compassion for those less fortunate than them.That's called "Mercy". This DOES NOT MEAN, that everyone who has a fancy car, is going to hell. It DOES NOT mean that just because you're a celebrity, or have celebrity friends, that you're going to hell. If so, then I too am doomed!! But it does mean, that when God gives you those things, He also gives you a big responsibility along with them. Like it or not, that's how it goes, for all of us. Only God truly knows your heart, but we have all heard the old saying, "Where much is given, much is required" Now, I also want to address that I have been writing raps, and poetry,and listening to guys like "Slick Rick", "Rakim" "Tribe Called Quest" just to name a few, since the days of ole,and a great actor in my opinion, is one who can play multiple roles. An actor, whom only plays the bad guy in movies, or only plays the good guy, is only a good actor. Not great ! But the greats, the legends, from music to movies, can all play multiple roles. One of the greatest rapper's ever,(2 Pac) had songs that reminded women how strong they could be,and told those going through ruff times, to keep their heads up. And then he also had songs, reminding you that he would knock your head off, and telling other certain women, how they weren't stand up women. One of the greatest actors ever, (Denzell Washington) played John Q's dad, the most loving dedicated family man ever, and then he also portrayed the crooked cop in "Training Day". The greats cant be put in a box, so as I continue to strive to be great, I will not allow myself to be put in a box either. This song was not meant as a round about to anyone. Its just the opposing argument to the other side of the story. The common story of the fast life. It was only meant to be " A Mirror" for those of us that are given more than the average. I truly apologize to my family and friends, who were a bit " bothered" for the lack of better terms, by "Dont Even Matter" or any song that I write. There is nothing more valuable than a true friend, and if you are my true friend, you are one of the most valuable things I have, and I have learned from life's experiences that it is worth every bit of effort it takes, to hold on to you.Lets work together and break, "The Cycle" not "The Mirror"..

Ballot or Pallet

Hello and Happy New Year's, To all american citizen's, as the presidential campaign season gets under way,"Incompatible Muzik" would like to remind you of a cold hard fact, "You're vote will be counted, rather you use it or not". Pick a candidate, and vote for them, and have your vote count towards the candidate of your choice, or lay on the pallet, and let your ballot count towards any random candidate. In other words, someone will win- rather you vote or not,and that winner will decide your future and fate as an American citizen, but not voting could mean the the 1 candidate that you really dont want to win, could very likely do just that.It's like the choice between driving, or being driven. Either way-the car will move and you will be in it. So, are you gonna, "Cast you're ballot, or lay on the pallet"?

One in the same

As one of the only blacks, now living in a town that's 99.99 percent white- To have someone approach me, with the, " You're not like all the other Blacks", "I really like you Marcus". Or to have someone say, "I don't like rapper's. but your not like them, Diamond Z" Well, I got 1 thing to say to you both.. Yall can kiss my you know what, and I dont want you as a fan or a friend, because the ish your trying to put in my head, is absolutely unhealthy. So "Satan" get thee behind me!!