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It's all in the mind

In this vast internal, electronic universe there are so many sights and sounds that one will never get to them all. They increase exponentially day by day. Some are good. Some are not good. Some are astonishing. All reflect, at the minimum, the desire to create and that is good overall. Music is expression and ideas. Merging sounds with thoughts and impressions to create a message that elicits an emotion or a response - be it a foot tap or a finger snap - is making magic. Go out into this world and create your own unique brand of noise. Roll around in it. Get dirty in it. Embrace it. Share it. It's good for the soul. Peace - JM

richard casey callahan
richard casey callahan  (over 9 years ago)

boy jeff, have you got that right. richardmagicfingers

Don Eidman
Don Eidman  (over 9 years ago)

Yeah man! We can change the world and the situation with our tunes if one by one. I really don't write thinking many folks are going to like what i write, but if I can stimulate any emotions or thoughts then I can say "Mission Accomplished"