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The Love Rebellion

Saturday, May 11, 2013 at 10:53pm

so, there it was, 3:30 am, May 5, 2013......I was woken up by a phone call.....my heart raced, I knew a call that late (or early) could only be bad news. I was wrong, in one sense, as on the other end of the line was not danger, but friendly fire, Stone Catcherye. why was he calling me at 3:30 am on May 5? to come help him celebrate Cinco de Mayo. no, he wasn't drinking yet, but he was blaring spanish music and beginning to prepare a few of his favorite foods.

I hung up the phone after telling him he was indeed a loon. I arrived at Stone's place at approximately 4:17 am. We were both wearing colors of the mexican flag. we looked pretty funny standing next to each other.

although it's not primarily a Mexican drink, we made sangria and had a great time, despite Stone messing up the ingredients. yeah.

the next thing I know, it's the next day, well, evening, and I'm at the Rums rehearsal space and the guys have shown up. I clamber out of the room I'm in because I can hear all of their voices laughing and carrying on. I make it out to the front room and they're all drinking sangria. here we go again.

apparently I had a few glasses too many and fell myself asleep for a while 20 some odd hours. that's what getting up at 3 with Stone will do to you.

so I'm at the rehearsal, I'm slightly hurting from the night before and I figure, one glass of sangria will be fine, get back on the horse. well, it was fine.....

Rums ripped into a great set of new(er) originals, songs like Out There, Can't Make A Killer, Simple. Delphi was ripping it up but I have to say this was one of his most dynamic rehearsals. Soft to loud to fast to faster. balanced and fresh. like a good coffee. no, like a Great Coffee! (got your back Delphurius!)

Silver, the newbie, was definitely getting in on the groove. He's beginning to look a little more at home with the other guys. His playing lets the band take on a different feel, very cool. Silver was (besides Stoney) the last to finish his Sangria. it may have been Stone's bad recipe.

Sinner was there and willing to take one for the team. He was the 2nd to finish his Sangria behind only Delphi. Sinner was in rough shape, because he got the 3am call from Stoney on Cinco de Mayo, however, Sinner had started about 2 hours before Stoney, so, Sinner was a bit exhausted on this particular eve. He gave it the best he could.

Stone was there and kept giggling like a school girl every time I looked at him. I wasn't sure why until much later. Apparently after the guys finished up, and for the first time, early!!!!

Delphi & Sin were out before the noise curfew! Silver and Stoney then told me I began my 3rd Sangria and I was asleep on the couch. apparently, they spent the evening discussing beer, astrology, politics and food recipes and social behavior until well after the curfew had past. Oh, and they decided to turn me into groucho marx while I was sleeping, eyebrows, glasses and mustache. thankfully Catcherye has a multi colored sharpie set.

Rums & Bumbletons. the love rebellion. - P.T.

Splitting The Continuum

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 9:45am

Good morning, and good day, my name doesn't matter because I'm not writing about me, but about the band I represent, grammatically.....Rums & Bumbletons. a "rock" band from the Northwest Hills of the Constitution State, a land of many boredoms. A band made up of 4 individuals whom I find wholly interesting, beyond words, beyond interaction.

It's been a while since I last saw the guys, apparently they got together last week, but I never made it to the session, I was building a 50,000 piece puzzle and couldn't leave the table. I have a "thing" for puzzles.

This week, however was a different story and I made it to Catcherye's just in time for dinner. He was making a family recipe, so secret that I can't even tell you what it was. It was good though. and it involved fresh garlic, onions, red peppers, and thai hot pepper seeds among other things.

Silver, Aaron didn't get the memo that the meeting time had changed and showed up early, which isn't really a big deal, but he did get a glimpse of the secret food. though, he didn't seem inquisitive about it. maybe he's had it before? I think he said he had already eaten, so maybe that's why he had no interest whatsoever.

From there, the two went on to set up their respective instruments. Apollo was good to them.

Soon after the head of Delphi Finn peeked through the doorway, smiling and half ready to go. He was the only member of the band tonight who was not wearing a lumberjacker shirt. Indeed, he was donning an ordinary T-shirt. perhaps he was the leader of this misfit band of tree hackers. He blessed us with torpedos and a beer that Dick Syn described as "having a taste of brown apples"....what kind of apples, we do not know at this time.

Dick Syn got there a few moments later and was set up in a flash. They broke into the brew and the set began.

They blew through 2 sets with a fervor that could rival Hades. I was especially excited by some of the new moves the band was sporting.....Delphi's jump and land back into the beat, ala Rikki Rockett circa 1987, Catcherye's twisted electrocuted dubstep dance, Sinner's tiptoe. Aaron has yet to pull off any dangerous dance steps at rehearsal, but I'm sure in due time, he'll be Van Dam-ing up the walls.

I heard some impromptu covers that were spot on, almost all Chili Peppers tunes.

Rums & Bumbletons. The way Rock should be.

Delphi was out early, had to catch a flight to Madrid late night, apparently he's going mountain climbing.

The Thunder Trio (Silver, Syn, Catcherye) then broke out with the acoustics and rocked the house until quiet time hours. A few jams, a few covers, Catcherye on rhythm, unplugged and Rumsy.

I managed to get some of this ordeal on video, but I haven't yet gotten to check the footage and edit it down for webliness. yes, I make words up. I will post something when I have it.

and then after a brief stargazing stint with Sinner and Catcherye, we all made our separate ways, despite the creatures lurking in the back woods.

and with that, I bid thee farewell, Truth.

When Sick Stays

Saturday, April 20, 2013 at 9:12pm

sitting here, with one Stone Catcherye, listening to music we never get to listen to. This is my first sighting of Stone in about 2 weeks. under the weather and outside of the lines, he's been fighting this for about 2 weeks. I'm presuming that he's also in deep because it is indeed also allergy season here. the trees are beginning to live again, and on top of him being sick, it only worsens his condition.

what does a Stone Catcherye do to feel better? hold on, let me ask him....

he says he uses, "positive thinking." ha.

I haven't seen the other guys in quite some time although I've gathered little bits of news from Stone....Dick Syn, also known as the Sinner, was performing in a fan favorite musical, or theater event, and somehow in the rehearsal his amp blew up. No worries, it was only his practice amp. his marshall. I'm sure Delphi will have it fixed in no time.

there is no word on Delphi. mia. but I'm sure I will see him soon.

last I heard from a man we call Buyak, was that Aaron Silver was playing bass with him at open mics, possibly even singing at Karaoke? word is they spent the evening buyaking around.

I will be meeting up with the guys, most likely, in the coming week or so. I'm going to bring my camera for the next time and get some classic footage.

for now, I leave you with a video I made for the song Wrong Enough, by Rums & Bumbletons. and by made, I mean pieced together as in a video collage.





Understanding Inertia

Monday, April 8, 2013 at 11:35pm

spring has sprung. Rums & Bumbletons are new flowers just starting to peek up through the earth. Rums was all together tonight, in their usual place, in their usual scene.

apparently I missed the memo that this week was team rehearsal week. Dick and Delphi showed up as the Green team, wearing their green matching shirts and Catcherye and Silver walked in apparently as lumberjackers. both donning plaid and both sporting a significant amount of facial hair.

the prize was undisclosed at the start of the event.

Silver and Catcherye got a good jump at the gun and kept a steady pace. Dick and Delphi warmed up and soon found their stride not to far behind.

Delphi was making Bleeding Hearts again. a guiness/sierra mix. tasty. Dick and Delphi both at the same time forgot they were on the same team and began competing in their pour techniques. Catcherye gave the win to Delphi, just for the record. Silver was more into the guiness froth than Catch. Delphi was finally eliminated due to a spillage disqualification.

and they were back into the music room. sounding good. having fun. prepping for their next delivery.

the evening ended early, the night ended young.

The guys all made their ways back to their respective caves.

may all of your inertia have an end, Truth. (medium to Rums & Bumbletons)

The Fool

Saturday, April 6, 2013 at 11:00pm

rums and bumbletons, the soundtrack to our lives, the embellishment of all things good and fun. at least on this day. the almost day of birth for one Stone Catcherye. the boys had planned a little birthday celebration, courtesy of everyone in the Rums camp.

when they arrived, they arrived with a reddish blue hue to them, not purple, but a separated blue and red, in that order. Delphi had brought Sierras, red wine, Silver brought a very tasty IPA and Sinner brought a chocolate gluten free cake and some guiness. Delphi was pouring bleeding hearts (guiness & sierra nevada). Catcherye was messing with the Sinner by changing the subject to a totally different subject every few minutes. and Silver and Finn played along as smooth as they could.

Stoney blew the candles out on the cake, moments after a 4 part harmony of Happy Birthday. rums style.

Surprisingly, there were no April Fools Jokes this evening. I thought for sure that something would be blown up, lit on fire or stained.

Rums & Bumbletons sounded good on their rehearsal, getting closer to where they want to be. They added a few more covers to the list tonight. Some of the bands they're now covering, Blind Melon, Tool, Black Sabbath, RHCP, etc.

Dick Syn then broke out with "Ain't Talking Bout Love" by Van Halen...and it was pandamonium. it was as if Dick Syn was on the top turn buckle, ready to drop a big ole elbow on someone's nugget. Stone picked up on the glockenspiel where he left off on the vocals. and I think I may have even heard Delphi taking the lead vocal. ?

The evening was whole and complete. The beer and cake were phenomenal, a big thank you to Dick Syn's mom for the amazing cake!!!

it ended with a discussion on photo shoots. apparently the guys are discussing possible photo ops. so I posed them with the question of where would they want a photo taken, as in the background, and what would they be wearing and here's the answers I received (in no particular order):

"I'd wear leather chaps"; "we can be in a garden"; "we can paint our teeth with glow in the dark pain and then take our pictures at night."; "I'd probably wear yellow, it's my favorite color"; "how about stilts"; "lets pose with Sinner holding us all up"; "how about the library steps"; "let's climb a tree!!"; "the cliff?"; "what if we just take a picture and put a caption that says, 'pretend you see the band in this photo'?"

and so began a whole series of think tank sessions, between the fellas we call Rums & Bumbletons.

may all of your shoes have laces, Truth.

Hours Before a Smile Hits The Clowns Face

Monday, April 1, 2013 at 5:54pm

here I am, sitting, smiling and being, with none other than Stone Catcherye from the band Rums & Bumbletons. We're listening to music and just letting it ride. Waiting for the wind to blow. In a couple of hours, we'll be meeting up with Delphi, Dick and Silver for another installment of all things Rums & Bumbletons.

I'm going to be there taking notes, photos and metal images of everything that transpires and I will in turn decipher the codes and bring them into you.

Catcherye has already pranked me about 7 times in honor of April Fool's Day and he's smiling again, so that number may have just climbed one notch higher.

The Suspense is going to Kill Me,


Queens of the Wizard

by Rums and Bumbletons (Notes) on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 1:12am

good evening and welcome to the newest log of Rums & Bumbletons, my name is P.Truth, friend and foe of the band, lover of geometry, understander, artist, food cooker and all around "nice guy."

I've been with the guys in Rums for a long time now, interviewing them, telling you about all their embarassing stories, filling your heads with all of the funniest things I've seen happen to them. Tonight marked a new chapter in the career of Rums & Bumbletons who has always tried to maintain as an all original band. Sure they ventured out for a couple shows and pulled off a slew of covers (bad, good and ugly) for firemen, for families and friends, but never did they really play the songs like they ought to.

Tonight, I heard 6 songs, all covers, and I didn't think it was the Bumbletons. well, I did, because it sounds like R&B, but they were far better than what I expected. Stone would be the first to admit he's bad at covers, just not his bag. They totally ripped it up though. What is to be expected for the Rums and Bumbletons set? How about Black Sabbath (what now Batukah, what now!?) Perhaps a slice of The Raconteurs? some Beatles? a QOTSA tune?

I was the 2nd to arrive after Stone, who, might I say, is always the very first to arrive. go figure. and then Aaron Silver was right on time, wearing a Mr. Nice Guy grin. Stone and Aaron began to set up while I rummaged around in the kitchen. before I found what I was looking for, Delphi showed up and then Dick Syn. Delphi brought a 6 pack of Ruthless, and they were in.

Silver had to beat the late night train, Delphi had a long journey to make, so they both peaced out, while Dick Syn, Stone Catcherye and I stayed behind to finish up the beer. Stone had a few good stories to tell and then they were on their way. I'm spending the night here with the dogs.Luckily they know me enough to not attack me, not like the new attack cat roaming the grounds here. SK, or Chairman, as they call him/her. Seems to be right in my face every time I open a door. Creepy.

I will be hosting an interview with one of the guys this week....which one to be announced soon.

If you have any questions for the band, leave a comment below, or message them to Rums "-attention Truth-question" and I will get your questions answered by the guys themselves.I cannot however promise you that it will be the answer you're looking for.

may the word snow be on the shelf for a while,


ps. there is a birthday in the Rums camp this week and not to "out" them, but this member also shares his birthday with the following celebrities: Anita Carter; Liz Claiborne; René Descartes; Shirley Jones; King Henry II; Pope Benedict XIV; Ewan McGregor and who else but the lengendary Christopher Walken.

In Lieu of Luaus

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 2:17pm

it's Tuesday afternoon and I don't think it's ever going to stop snowing here in Northwestern Connecticut. Maybe that's why there's that extra "C" in our state's name, because it's supposed to make you sound like your teeth are chattering when you pronounce it, much like most of us here in the land of frozen love.

I'm here at the Sound Construction Recording Facility, in preparation for this evening's Rums & Bumbletons rehearsal, but I have just found out that the band will not be gathering due to the impending ice storm. Thanks for letting me know, guys. I guess since I'm here I will perform a few pranks on their equipment, loosen all of Delphi's drum lugs, disconnect the wires inside Dick Syn's amps, hide Stoney's microphones and enhance the electrons in his cabling. The only smart one was Silver, he took his stuff with him.

I'm sure at some point I will see Catcherye, as he has to come pick up the dogs. Maybe I'll just wait and suprise attack him with some snowballs. He was kind of enough to leave his snowball maker here.

That's all I have for you today here at Rums central. I hope you all enjoy this wonderful solid liquid and that you all remain safe.


Sharing Beer Over the Electronics

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 12:01am

despite your superb lack of hell yeahs and misfortune, Rums & Bumbletons met tonight with a mission. Catcherye made his famous wings, and even had a triple threat spice to put on. Dick Syn took a larger than life portion of the "super" hot sauce. immediate hiccups. Delphi took a little more than Dick Syn, just to out-do him. It worked. The spice was now just starting to creep up onto Dick Syn.

Firetruck red, he poured himself a glass of water and continuously sipped his beer. Aaron manned the sauce down like it was well water. That, coupled with the fact that he was wearing a shirt that cut on the NY Yankees made me know that Aaron was indeed a Bumbleton.

The wings went down like...well, I could tell you, but that would ruin the imagination.

The first set went by pretty fast. and we all headed out to the lounge to grab some cold brews and share a story or two. Dick Syn showed us the new Jag he ordered. A custom Jaguar with a (literally) hot interior. Everyone was in awe of it's beauty except Catcherye who grumbled something that no one could actually understand. I didn't peg Catcherye to be a fan of Jaguars, not the cars at least. Although, he'll never turn down a fast car.

The second set was blindingly good. Catcherye ran the lights. now you know why I used the word, "blindingly"....They seemed a lot more focused and of course the ambiance of the lights was incredible. will Catcherye bring his new light show on the road with him? we'll find out what happens in two days.

The biggest question was about what they would be wearing to said show.....

this is probably the closest I could find to what Dick Syn aka The Sinner would be wearing:

Dick Syn concert apparel

Delphi Finn was thinking of pulling out his favorite holiday sweater:

Delphi Finn concert apparel

Stone Catcherye had actually asked Lady Gaga if he could borrow this outfit from her....

Stone Catcherye concert apparel

Aaron Silver was leaning more towards:

Aaron Silver concert apparel

the night ended with the last beers. the guys in the band scattered like cockroaches when the lights turn on.

they will be live in the Flesh, this Thursday, March 14, 2013. CJ Sparrows, in Cheshire, CT. performing alongside Ken Safety and The Fabulous House band. A Tsunami of Sound, A Cavalcade of Excitement, A lightning Bolt of Love Across Your Sky......

Rums & Bumbletons,

see you there.


Monday, March 4, 2013 at 11:43pm

we're about one week away from their first show in 2 years and the guys in Rums & Bumbletons appear as if they have never missed a beat. I made it to their rehearsal tonight, despite the uncontrollable goshen wind and the snow that still measured quite high.

I arrived to find Stone Catcherye making a feast in the lounge area....farm fresh eggs, scrambled, dry, with a sauteed pan full of onions, green and red peppers, garlic and tomatoes, with basil, cumin and chives. It was good. if Stone can do anything right on this planet, it's cook.

I went outside for a breath of fresh wind and found Delphi sitting outside in his car rocking out to music. He appeared to be thrashing when I walked out the door and kept until he noticed me watching. I think I may have interrupted a special moment.

As Delphi entered the door, Silver walked in about 3 beats behind him, carrying everything and not even sweating having to also carry the beer. Thankfully the guys found someone who also enjoys good beer.

Delphi's phone rang, apparently Dick Syn was boat shopping nearby and was running late. Dick Syn buying a boat? look out flipper!! I can forsee next year on the lake, with Trick Water Skiing, boat racing, Wake Jumping. hell yeah.

He wasn't as late as he thought he would be and they jumped right into their regiment. They blew through the first set with no problems. a few minor adjustments and new ideas thrown in for good measure. By this time, the beers needed refilling and they all headed out for a breath of fresh air and some cold brews.

Catcherye's story of the week was insane!!! A tale of treasure hunts, a mysterious package left in a ceiling, the smallness of the world, or as we call it, the 6 degrees of Catcherye, and even his car blowing up. not blowing up, like in the movies with giant mushroom cloud fireballs, but something more along the lines of everything going bad all at once. definitely not Sugar.

after many laughs and anecdotes, they dropped back into the room to run another set. flawless. raw. edgy.

and that was it. they're gonna rip it up next week.

next thing I know, we're talking about Green Dragons and the idea behind losing your mind. Dick Syn had, by this point, stolen Stone Catcherye's chair and was now delving deeper into ideas about space and time. The wind woke us all back up to the reality, we all had to go back out into the freezing cold, get in our cold cars and drive home. all, that is, except for me. I'm staying in the apartment upstairs tonight. I'm trying to film ghosts at the studio. I know they're here, but no one yet believes me, so I've got to get proof.

maybe by next week, I'll have some.