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Album review by Alan Godwin

Schizophrenic album review by Alan Godwin.

After coming to know and love the raw acoustic versions of many of your songs it took a bit of adjusting (my fear was that it was overproduced) however, after a couple of listens I've got to say that the album is ….........”what to say with only words to use” …...if I had your talent I'd write a song about it. It's amazing Dai.

As I write I'm listening to “Time” and have to say it proves that as well as being a great lyricist you can also be minimalist as far as the words are concerned and let the music carry the message..................... “It won't weigh me down” has just snapped me out of my revere. The variety is fantastic and change in pace and style of each track makes the whole album compelling listening.

It's great to read the inspiration for and your analysis of the each song as well as the things that inspired and created the unique sounds. It's a great argument for CD's over mp3 and streaming. I want one (signed) as soon as they're available. It's on the player in my car and is perfect in content and timing for my commute from Cardiff to Llanelli.

Good luck with it, I know you'll you'll get the recognition, I hope you'll reap the rewards.

Alan Godwin


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This year has already been gathering it's own momentum and I'm happily riding the wave. I've possible gigs in the States, Cananda and Holland on the cards as well as every corner of the UK so here goes. If you'd like me to play at any events you're involved with please contact me as the diary is rapidly filling out...Big hugs to all for the help and support....thanx...Dai.


Wow, the new year is in, chinese year of the dragon. I think thats the year of the Welshman. I've already been inundated with gigs, collaborations, radio shows and more. I pray this is how the year is to pan out. Thankyou all for your help and support. Together we can conquer. Big hugs...Dai.X


It's been a bonkers few months, pleased to say things have calmed and afforded me time and energy to put pen to paper, fingers to frets and I'm recording the results. I'll post the songs as they flow. I'm still playing at various venues and many private bookings so see you all on the road. X

Me and May

May's promising to be a great month, sunny too. I also would like you to know that my guitar tuning is normal E tuning, I don't use open tunings at all, the full open sound is my love of a ringing chord played in a bizarre shape along with bass-like riffs. (I've had a few enquiries about my tunings, hope I've answered a few questions)

New Management

I'm happy to say I'm now under new management. My new agents BoBoUK have put me under the wing of Tracy Cabble. So any enquiries about booking, interviews or anything really, please contact tracy.cabble@sky.com


Please, any tips on maximizing the use of this site? I'm a newbie and haven't got a clue what I'm doing.lol Any advice peeps?