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Stuff this week

Hey guys. So I'm taking the rest of the week off from performing so that I can work on two new songs coming up, one with and one without the new loop pedal. I still need to write more words for the songs though and practice them, but they are sounding good so far. Also on Friday, I will be studio recording my song "Shiver". I'm excited. It's a sad song, but its gonna be a good one. I wanted to take a week off from performing so I could work on these and save them for when I got them down and ready to perform them. Anyway, stay tuned for Friday everybody, it's gonna be a good one. Have a good night!

"The Voice" Audition

Hey guys. So on Saturday I'm going to Atlanta to audition to be a part of the NBC show "The Voice". Hoping for something positive, but I'm also prepared to not make it. I will still continue to play around Charleston, I found 2 good places to play now: East Bay Meeting House and Parson Jack's Cafe. So I'll be looking forward to seeing you guys out there.

New EP in the works

Hey guys, I know I haven't been on here in a while, school is kicking my ass. But anyway, despite work, school, and film stuff, I'm currently working on a new EP entitled "It's Not Over Yet." I have recorded guitars and vocals for 3 songs and my cousins up in Cleveland are recording the drums and bass for them. And I myself have to record 3 more really soon. This EP is gonna have a shift in direction from my previous EP "In The Middle". Where "In The Middle" was all Pop Punk, "It's Not Over Yet" will be more acoustic and Pop Rock. I hope to finish it soon, hopefully by the end of the year and start playing more shows. It's hard to perform at places around Charleston when you are still under 21. I'm 20 Motherfuckers! Give me a chance! Anyway, hope to see you guys soon, maybe even meet you if we end up performing at the same places. Peace!

2 quarters and possible new acoustic EP

Wow, haven't been on here at all lately. Well im 2 quarters into my time here at Ai. Loving it, making kickass films, its great. They also have a sound booth here, which gave me the possibility that I could record 7 new songs with that. I have been writing a shit load of songs lately and I have 7 good ones that are acoustic that I can record, due to the small size of the booth, acoustic is all I can do for right now. So theres that possibility, have to know some one in Audio production though and need permission. Other than that, everything is good. Made alot of new friends, but I still miss Delaware. Anyway, good luck in life, laters.

College and new songs

Well I just finished midterms and I seem to be passing my classes, which is good. I have some new songs ready to record an album, here's the problem. I don't have ANY connections with musicians down here or any place where I can record it, so until I can find some places to perform around here, I'll be perfecting the new songs. I miss the guys up in Delaware, I miss Finney, The Useless, Little buddy Greentaner, Caswell and Sweet. I'm just gonna have to work my way up again, no problem...I hope.

Moved In

So I am now living in Summerville, South Carolina, and I have gone from number 6 on the Delaware Charts to number 22 on the SC charts, well you gotta start somewhere. Anyway, I'm going to college in a month at The Art Institute of Charleston for filmmaking, and then I will be auditioning for American Idol, hope I do good. Im settling in and Im writing the last 2 songs for the next album, I'll make it as soon as I can find a drummer and a studio around here. Anyway, later.

Graduation and The Move

So I graduate from High School this Saturday, and its just so crazy how it all came so fast, I even wrote like an 8 verse song about the whole High School experience. The day after that, I'm moving from this small town of Dover, Delaware to the most beautiful and friendliest city in the world, Charleston, South Carolina to go to college at The Art Institute for filmmaking. Its been 6 days after the release of my album, and I already have 10 songs planned for the next, and since American Idol is coming to Charleston July 22nd, I'll definatly be sure to stop by there. This last week has been amazing, sold alot of copies of the album, played the best show I have ever played, thanx to my boys Kyle Greentaner and Jon Finney (Drummer for Hombodia), and met so many awesome people as well. So how to spend my last 5 days in Delaware? I dont fuckin know.

Album pushed back

So like, We are struggling a little with the last song for the album, so now we have to re-record the vocals and drums at the next avaliable time which is Thursday. So The album is being pushed back to May 24th. I'm also making a commercial for it for my school because my video teacher said he would put it on the morning announcements show, pretty fuckin sweet huh? Well thats it, 9 more days and I'm officially finished with High School :D Then I gotta find a real job D:

New Album in 2 weeks

Well, Me and my friend/drummer Jon Finney are keeping a good pace so well that we have only 3 songs left to record for the album, we are recording one of them today. I am trying to get a friend of mine avaliable to come record our duet with me, I haven't heard anything back from her yet, but she is super excited about it the last time I talked to her about it. So yeah, the album will be coming out really soon, I'm hoping before my last day of school so I can sell it to everyone before I go. 8 songs on one album for $5, sweet deal. So anyway, thank you all again for everything, because if it wasn't for you I would not be at this point of my life.

Charts and Debut in MAy

First of all, Hi, I was told to do a blog, so here it is. First of all, thank you so much as I just found out that I am number 15 on the Delaware Alternative Charts, I never thought I would be on any chart right now, so thank you. Me and my friend are going to record a new song this weekend, so keep an eye out for that, it's called "Our Lives In Fast Forward". The EP, "In The Middle" will be coming out in late MAy I'm guessing, so I can't wait for it to be finished and to know that all my hard work into the album will be finish. Thank you all for eveything. With much love, Dylan