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April 16th Miz Kitty's show comments:

Hey all!

What a crazy good time we all had at Miz Kitty's Vaudeville Parlour and Revusical on Saturday night! My "Men" rocked it, swung it, and spooned it" and helped me up off the floor....no, I didn't fall. I sat down to straddle the red baby piano.

Here are some of the comments from fans: (Truly makes me feel all squishy and warm inside...)

“Thanks sugar britches!!! But YOU were pure GENIUS!!!!! It was great rock the Tori Amos thing all spread eagle on the kiddie grand piano! What a hoot! And that song that made me cry was a masterpiece!!!!! Love you woman!!!”

“You my dear were incredible last night!!! WOW. Your voice is like melted velvet chocolate being drizzled over my soul! You are the real thing baby. Holy shiznet! And your band is awesome too! The double baby pianos were priceless. Loved it. Love you! WOW. *SIGH* :)”

“You are an awesome goddess.... you rawked it last night. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!”

Home from the Mission Theater after enjoying FABULOUS music from Mel Kubik, Tom Sandahl, Dan Stueber, Ted Swenson, and Tom Hill. Bit of a mind-freak, but oh so very, very good! Over much too soon. Thanks Mel! :)

“B e s t E V E R ! ! ! I &e M e l & h e r M e n ! ! !”