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The Old Time Country Radio Show

We're going to have a great time Saturday March 29 in downtown Lynchburg, Tennessee. I'm looking forward to playing some of my original music and talking it up Live with Paul C. Jones on On WLIJ radio 1580 AM. I hope you'll tune in and catch the show!

The Old-Time Country Radio Show is a live, remote broadcast originating from beautiful downtown Lynchburg, Tennessee and airs every Saturday Morning at 10:00 o'clock on radio station WLIJ 1580 AM, located in Shelbyville, Tennessee. WLIJ is a 5000 watt station covering all or part of 30 counties in Middle Tennessee and North Alabama.

WDVX Blue Plate Special

I hope you all will listen in on September 28 as I will be playing the Blue Plate Special Show on WDVX radio live at The Knoxville Welcome Center! Click on the link below to listen! http://www.wdvx.com/live-shows/blue-plate-special/schedule/


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Have a great day!

The Celtic Cup

Hey you all ! I'm looking forward to playing a live show Saturday April 13, 2013 at The Celtic Cup in Tullahoma, Tennessee 6 to 9 pm. Hope to see you and Happy Trails all ... Stacy

The Walking Man

The past few years of The Great Recession have taken their toll to many hard working people who once lived the American dream. Many folks have given up trying to find work while the lucky ones deal with just getting by. Let's all help our friends and neighbors and pull together to bring back The American Dream. God Bless America !

Barbie Doll

Does anyone remember back when the county fair was the biggest thing to come around for the whole year ? Well when I was growing up I'd work all summer just to save enough money to go blow at the fair...lol! Back in those days the carnival that came to the fair always had a burlesque show and the queen of the show was Barbie Doll. I guess Barbie Doll made quiet the impression on me and I wrote this song about her !