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Cross Dressing

It appears some in the community did not appreciate my light-hearted take on an alternative lifestyle choice. I have been asked not to return to a certain venue for what reason I could only attribute to a homophobic reaction to my singing of my Cross Dressing song. However, the following is stolen from Wikipedia so it must be right. "The term denotes a behavior without attributing causes for that behavior. Some people automatically connect cross-dressing behavior to fetishist or homosexual behavior, but the term cross-dressing itself does not imply any motives. ...Movie and TV references: Klinger from M.A.S.H., Some Like It Hot, Tootsie, Mrs. Doubtfire...Utilitarian purposes also bring about forms of crossdressing, such as support hose for men with bad circulation in their legs, or the wearing of bras for men with gynecomastia (male breasts)."