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Knowing that God chose me to spread his message by way of being a singer/ songwriter, I have to be sure to choose to sing only those songs that will glorify him. There are certainly songs that touch the heart and soul and encourage that are not categorized as gospel, yet my mission is to be sure that I am never perceived to do this for the glorification of myself or my flesh. God this is all for you! Alhamdulillah for everything! I pray that God continues to give me this gift and to allow it to mature and reach those whom he has chosen to be impacted by the words he has given me to vocalize!


When you are living in your purpose God will constantly confirm your decisions. I am so very thankful to HIM for everything and I mean everything... Alhamdu'lillah and HaleluYAH for everything!!! So, again I will keep on pressing towards the mark for the high calling of God's salvation.

Be Transparent

I thought I would share with you that I am feeling a little insecure about this career choice right now. I know that I am meant to use this gift that God has bestowed upon me. I know that I have to use it to glorify HIM and that may be different in practicality to me than to the next person... My purpose is not just to sing and become some big star and live lavishly. I want to have a voice...an impact on those who choose to listen. I really want to be able to provoke change. Thoughts are powerful and when they are from the heart even more so... The main concern I have at this time is that I don't really feel supported. That is not to take away from anyone who took the time to like my facebook page or like my reverbnation page... Yet, in this industry it takes influence to show that you are supported. How many people do I influence? And in what way are they influenced? I have no fans on my reverbnation page... All it takes it to click the Become a fan button and log in with your facebook credentials... Living in your destiny is not always the easiest thing to do and perhaps I have been avoiding it up to this point so now I have to work to make up for lost time... I just thank GOD for continuously giving my opportunities and for placing people around me who have the influence that I desire. Perhaps these people can further their purpose by helping me further mine. Just please pray for me when you have the time...thanks

A New Single?

I am thinking of releasing a new single for everyone just to get your mouth watered for what is in store on the upcoming album.... What do you think of that?

Anticipated Album Release Date

November 17, 2011... only 5 months away...guess I had better pick up the pace and get this thing underway! So excited about progress on this journey to fulfill my purpose. Thank you again to all those who have taken the time to show encouragement and support! Building a career!

First Blog

Enjoying the networking opportunities here in the Atlanta, GA area...