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go for it; life's too short

i checked out the mermaid inn last night, although i wasn't looking forward to going to a new place alone. i almost brought my guitar along with me to play outdoors, but...no.

i'm glad i went. i made a friend. and i'm headed back there for the open mic night. but i wish i would've really gone for it. their band didn't show, so if i had walked in with a guitar, i would've had a gig. i should've gone for it - i felt like i should, but i chickened out.

the new friend i made hadn't really been planning on going either. he was going to run at fairmont park. instead, he sat in his car wondering why he felt like he shouldn't. then he heard a gun shot from where he was planning to go. then silence. then three more.

it's weird, trying to imagine someone being here one instance and gone the next.

earlier that day i imagined it when i was crossing the street with balloons for work. if i got hit by a car, the balloons would float away. disappear. here one instance, gone the next.

i'm really glad i'm here this instance. i want to just go for it, before i'm gone.

all to say, look forward to a song vaguely about all of this. and until then, come to the mermaid inn tuesday night around 9 for the open mic. drop me a message if you don't feel like going to a new place alone.