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New Manger and a new bassist!

We have currently promoted our old bassist after he had stepped down from playing bass to our new Band Manager-Chace Ault---and we have added an old friend as our new bassist-will Prater---lets show them some love! We are currently playing local shows and shreddin them all!!! We are also currently making some new songs and have talked about making a live cut album of all of our songs, while in the process of making some new merchandise to sell to promote our band!! Thanks to everyone for your support!!!! DAA

2 more on there way!

Working on two new songs that have great potential, late nights and long hours, looking forward to getting them finished so everyone can listen!!! Thanks for listening and we will keep you posted, for when the songs get closer to completion!!!DAA

2 down 8 to go!

just got done recording two songs from the album earlier this week. cant wait to get back to john at pyrate llama studios and get back to work! listen to the new teacks and tell us what you think. gotta get some shows too...BACK TO WORK!

were mobile!

got a new trailer people! now we need a show. been contacting people but so far no luck. too bad the rabbit hole isnt doing shows anymore. (good times) anyone got any suggestions or got a party or somethin we could play? help us out, we wanna play for you!