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Writer's Block

Motherhood + Music Career = No Time to Sing or Write!


I need somebody else to write my next song! Ugg..

Video Down For Now

Video taken down for now! Future videos in the works

I will fan my new fans back!

Sorry If I haven't had time to thank some of my new fans & fan back! I will get to everyone! Please understand motherhood is all consuming! Much love & I wish everybody the best on their journey! April:)

Don't Know How

I don't know how actors can watch their own movies. I can't even watch my own video. Just can't do it Lol!

Should I Remix My Single?

Hmmm maybe one of my DJ fans can remix my single!


Watched American Idol last night and can't believe Amber placed in the bottom three it's amazing what haters can do to you:) but you just have to keep going in life!

Oh were Oh were could my downloads be????

Wish fans could translate into downloads too! Just keeping it real Lol!

No More Youtube For Me

Hey no video on Youtube anymore! That didn't work out for me sorry about that..:(

Feedback please

Hey fans & music lovers! Would love to get a bit more feedback/comments on my music! Constructive points of view are welcome! Please be kind! Sensitive Artist zone here! LOL ! thank you! :)