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Why Just "Folk"?

Folk Music. We all know what that is don't we? Its um...The Copper family, its Megson, its Blue Horses, Its Show of Hands, its Brian Peters, its Spiers and Boden, its Chris Wood. Well yes, it is but that short list represents a whole world of different styles, instrumentation, arrangements and approaches. I am trying to think of another music genre where the styles would be so diverse and still come under one label. I find it a problem whenever I try to explain the music I play to someone who is unfamiliar with "folk" music. They tend to visualise a row of old men in woolly jumpers with their fingers stuck in their ears. But that hardly describes most if not all of the musicians I have listed above. It does not describe what I play either - I do not possess a woolly jumper and have never sung with my finger stuck in my ear. This is a well established issue and better minds than mine have tried to tackle it. I suppose the best way is to get out there, promote the music and hope that a society brought up on wall to wall music videos will start to understand that there is something else out there. We can live in hope anyway.