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February News n Shit

Whats up everyone!!

Vinnie here, just to touch on a few things the band has been working on, as well as what's in store for the new year. The band has gotten all new gear finally!! With our fancy new toys, we've been getting together every possible chance to practice as the energy levels are booming!! We've reworked some songs, added a few new parts, and are currently working on a few new songs as well!! We plan on recording our first legit EP this year as well. Dates will be posted as soon as we know, so keep an eye out!! We always enjoy feedback on our music, so feel free to drop us a line or two about your thoughts, even with our current content.

We have a few shows being worked out as we speak, so dates will be confirmed in the upcoming weeks! I can tell you we will be returning to Bedolla Skater Boyz in mid-March. The skate shop has been completely remodeled, the bands can now jam while the skaters comfortably ride all over the store, the front is now completely wide open! https://www.facebook.com/bedolla.skaterboyz?ref=ts&fref=ts Check out the page and give it a like, its in Alsip on 115th n Pulaski, so come stop in sometime and check out all the great gear and indoor half pipe! As soon as we get news of other gigs, we will be sure to let you all know well in advance, as well as who were playing with! We love sharing the stage with all these local musicians this beautiful city has to offer!! They put astonishing amounts of time into their work as well, so be sure to support all the local bands you know!! They all count on your positive support, loyal friendship, and time!!

We have a few opportunities in store in regards to merchandise. We hope to have clothing, stickers, CDs and download links (Most likely after the EP release), the works!! Pictures will be posted and online purchasing will be made available as soon as the merch is available, so stay tuned.

I will personally try to keep all our social pages updated frequently, as the band is getting the ball rolling for what is to be our biggest year out on the local scene.

I'd also like to personally thank all of our friends, fans, and family for all the endless support!! It's people like YOU that make our passion such a beautiful, living entity. The energy we receive from a simple positive comment or thank you is beyond appreciated. Basically, it is what drives us to do what we love doing, and that is sharing our lives, thoughts, wisdom, and understanding with the masses through our take on the arts. Continue to do what you do, and we will gladly continue to do what we are!! You all fucking Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your local metalhead friends, District 22

What's up everyone!

The band has been working on some new ideas, rehearsing, promoting, and getting ready to get back to gigging out all over again, with some fresh music too! The band is going to see Dethklok and All That Remains tomorrow, 11/16, then a local show at BSB skate shop in Alsip the 25th, and then going to see Lamb of God the 30th!!!!! Check back for more info on upcoming gigs!