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Camera time!

I am officially working with professional Camera man Nick Day he is going to be following me around with his 1080 hd canon Camera Recording all my songs and stuff super stoked!

The established man

I have been working hard here in L.A, networking meeting new people everyday. It's a whole lot different from back home in Indiana, I'm digging it though, I am working with a couple producers and engineers right now, can't really say who or what but I am happy as can be here in Hollyweird, I hope the man above keeps me safe out here. Persistence beats Resistance.

Codey Mazzoni
Codey Mazzoni  (over 4 years ago)

Hollyweird ahahahahah love you bro! God bless you and he is with you all they way! Since the beginning!


With all the struggle and confusion to why I felt like I was a tourist in my own town, experiences of the world helped me recognize my standpoint within my path of destiny. I know now that I was different in a good way, I had let to many of my past friends put me down to much for being me, I was strong minded but at the same time I was lost. I will finish first,last

Going To Los Angeles

It's been a long time coming but I'm here to stay, Seasons are always coming and going but my goals will not falter I gotta stay persistent because that always beats resistance, Taking my demo Out To LA leaving March 21 gonna visit a recording school and also just catch up with some good friends, it wil be my 1st visit to LA believe it or not, excited and anxious. Soon Il be out there for good but school and family is my values and I'm sticking to that right now, with Granny and then my uncle passing away in the same week is hard so im sticking around for a while before I make my big move. Success is just as dangerous as failure, cause no matter which way you go up the ladder up or down, its still gonna shake, but if you stand with your two feet you will recognize you have perfect balance -Lao tzu God bless

BrOoKe HaLL  (almost 5 years ago)

You go for your dream!! I'm there with you and it's a hard crossroad, but your sound is great and love it. I can hear my percussion going with your stuff...if you ever around Louisville/southern, IN and wanna try to lay some percussion with it let me know. Go for it!!-Brooke

12 Songs

I have recorded three songs in the studio and I am loving the positive feedback. I just got done with a semester of college and I have a 3.5 GPA so far so good, but I need to live a little bit to have some inspiration and I am on a break, so I am getting out there and having some fun with my crew and i have some projects with a couple friends, so expect some different sounds soon,I have so many songs to record I just need to Peeerrrrfect them ya feel me, I need some high quality material for these labels to hear what Im hearing.. God Bless

A New Phase( Studio Time)

I am in the studio recording my album/Demo with ten songs fully mixed and mastered super pumped! Just recorded a song called Never giving up and I hope you all enjoy it. times were rough for the last six months but I think I am finally coming out of this hole. I had some good friends to help me along, alot of failed relationships along the way. But I'm dedicated to this and I can't wait for my new stuff to come out. thank you all for supporting me on the way. I have alot more music for you all to listen to, a whole story.