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We're finally going back east together as a crew!

Tomorrow night we'll be doing a radio show in philly with the mother of the legendary Christian McBride! Then, off to the lower east side of nyc for a show w newcleus, the jam on productions. The next day, we'll be in bklyn doing our best to rep the styles. For me it's a dream come true. It's also a test of our might as musical rebels. I'm hoping for the best!

Morrissey is playing in Oakland tomorrow!!

Morrissey is playing in Oakland tomorrow, and I am very excited! I have great seats with my best friend! I've prepared a zip with all the morrissey music that I have on this hard drive. Download it all, for free, here... http://www.zshare.net/download/968177781fbad110/

Holy Schmokes!

Dusty Brown & Young Aundee just handed me two of the illest beats I've ever heard. I had to listen to them a few times by myself, after playing them out loud, to get the grasp of how ill they are. I've never been more pumped on the way things are going. Graffiti all day. Beats all night. I hope this lasts forever! fernie

New Music on the Brim!

Chunes! Dusty Brown and Mophono on the cut. Classic B Boy Hip Hop coming soon. Don't Stop The Rock!

Making it Happen !

Looking forward to this spring and summer. Trying to gear up to do some more shows out of the Sac/Reno areas to get this music out there. Looking to do some touring with Blueprint this summer. If you wanna catch us... Meet us at the Taqueria !