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18 Nights of Blood (Six Feet Under/Dying Fetus/Revocation/She Murdered Me)

The stench of sweating bodies roses as more people filled the venue in time to see She Murdered Me hit the stage. The moment this band hit the stage, the pit that seemed absent during Fetal Disgorge, begins to take effect. So much so, that I am nearly knocked over by the thirty-something year old who obviously started his party way to early. This four-piece band from A...rizona is a true metal band. They have the vocal stylings of Phil Anselmo with the guitar and drum work to match some of the better southern metal of our time. The song “The Well” had a great reception with the crowd, as most who piled in came to see this well-known local band hit the stage. And hit the stage they did. The singer, Joe, decked out in his Danzig shirt is eerily reminiscent of a young Anselmo, but his vocal change up of guttural to melodic is what was so pleasing of this band. It helped too that they seemed humbled by the reception and played with true effort and a style unto their own. At a show with headliners like Dying Fetus and SFU, it is hard to match everyone’s specific taste or opinion on what is metal but these guys are metal and definitely worth checking out.