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Did the NODA Festival in Charlotte, blessed to be there. Preparing for the Soul 104.5 festival and some new singles and more!!

Lionel Richie Follows His Roots in New Album, “Tuskegee”

R&B artists look up to Lionel Richie for his leadership in the music world and ability to deliver diverse sounds. His R&B soul music has touched the hearts of many and provided dance music for those partying from the 70s till now with classics such as “Three Times a Lady,” “Brick House,” and “Party All the Time.”

His new album entitled “Tuskegee” brings his listeners into a world of his own. Lionel Richie is the second artist in history to have a number one Billboard hit on the Country and Hip Hop/ R&B Soul Music charts.

Lionel brings some of his favorite original R&B songs to the album and is joined by today’s top country stars. The duets feature the following songs: “You Are,” “Say You, Say Me,” “Stuck On You,” “Deep River Woman,” “My Love,” “Dancing On The Ceiling,” “Hello,” “Sail On,” “Endless Love,” “Just For You,” “Lady,” “Easy,” and “All Night Long.”

Who are the famous duet partners on his R&B soul music album? He is joined by Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Darius Rucker, Little Big Town, Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, Jennifer Nettles, Tim McGraw, Shania Twain, Billy Currington, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, and Jimmy Buffett.

Richie says he was most surprised by the performance by Jennifer Nettles with her rendition of the R&B song, “Hello.” He told her to give it her best shot, and she certainly delivered. It is fascinating to see women artists (who are sometimes pigeon-holed into specific genres) shine when giving the opportunity for diversity.

Michelle Obama and Two Daughters Attend Beyonce’s First Concert since Childbir

Michelle, Sasha, and Malia Obama were spotted at Beyonce’s first concert since giving birth to her daughter Blue Ivy. The concert took place on May 25, 2012. Beyonce also performed at the same venue, Revels, on Saturday and Sunday.

The r and b downloads sensation is recovering from childbirth, reportedly telling fans in concert that she lost 60 pounds to prepare for the tour. She joked about having to run on the treadmill and eat a diet full of lettuce.

The artist performed songs such as: “Love on Top,” “Resentment,” “1+1,” and “Naughty Girl,” which sample’s the late Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You Baby.” She also paid tribute to Whitney Huston by belting out a heartfelt rendition of “I Will Always Love You.”

The family enjoyed the artist’s performance and were seen dancing and singing along to several songs. There is no doubt that all of the Obama women have Beyonce’s r and b downloads and new hip hop music videos on their MP3 players and computers.

Michelle was spotted in a beautiful, green dress and received many call outs from her fans. One fan screamed, “This is history!” with an eerie truth. With Beyonce and Michelle Obama in the same room, what couldn’t be accomplished? These are both strong, intelligent black women whose names will be carried down in history.

Earlier this month the First Lady was reported to say to People Magazine that if she could be anyone in the world, it would be Beyonce. Next to getting married to Mr. President, who wouldn’t want to be married to the leading producer of new hip hop music, Jay-Z?

Beyonce wished her fans good luck at Revels Casino by saying, “I hope y’all win a lot of money tonight.” With those special ladies in the concert, I’m sure everyone had good luck that night.

Those who are fans of Beyonce may want to check out Sharee Fox and her own r and b downloads. Her ReverbNation and DatPiff sites give opportunities to listen to new hip hop music mix tapes and see her hip hop music videos.

The Future Of R&B and Music

People will admit that r and b music has been fading a bit as hip hop and upbeat music has been taking over the radios. Music fans however are still hoping that the future for R&B is still bright and that the genre will soon make its way back to wear it was before. The likes of R. Kelly, Brian McKnight and Lauryn Hill and many more have simply faded from the music scene and fans are simply looking for newer music from the genre. However, just because an artist has been around for a long time does not mean that they should stop churning out music as Sharee Fox has been able to make music since 2000.

As one of the top r and b artists from North Carolina, she has been able to produce some of the best hip hop and r and music out there. Her fans have been on internet trying to get the latest hip hop music downloads that she would release on the internet and this is certainly not a surprise as her vocal skills are simply amazing. If you check most hip hop music sites, you will see that Sharee Fox is indeed among the best artists out there today.

Sharee's Style

Most artists will have a certain sound or style to their music but Sharee is somewhat different. Though she has a distinct voice, she is still very versatile and is able to create a fast hip hop song to a slow and seductive r and b ballad. Her r and b song titled "Can't Leave Me Now" is a seductive yet powerful song that really shows her voice off and her hip hop banger titled "Do Something" shows her intense side in music.

This variety comes from her influences and how they really reflect her music. Her influences range from vocal r and b singers to pure rappers like J Cole. Her style can be compared to the likes of Lauryn Hill but with the attitude and power of Pink and Gwen Stefani. Sharee has been in the business long enough to know that she does not necessarily have to produce just one style of music. Her variety is what will take her far in the music business.

Sharee's Future

Sharee's career in the music industry is simply just peaking and she will continue to revive the genre that has been lost for quite some time now. Her amazing vocals will try to revive r and b music back to where it was in the past. the next time you visit hip hop music sites, be sure to search for Sharee Fox and focus on supporting her career with hip hop music downloads on those sites. Though she is not yet a mainstream artist, she will soon become one of the most known vocalists in the r and b world. Her music will continue to impact people's lives and shed will continue to be an inspiration to people from all over the world and make her family very proud.

Sharee Fox: New Hip Hop Music Artist Review

Fayetteville, North Carolina, is proud to announce Sharee Fox as the number one hip hop artist there. Sharee is also 99th in the hip hop rankings in the United States. These ratings are based on statistics from listeners, fans, the number of download as well as other factors.

Fox recently announced that she is busy working on two new hip hop albums, and is also helping to promote and produce two new hip hop videos. If her new albums and videos aren’t keeping her busy enough, she is also planning a tour in Georgia in the near future.

As one of the newest up and coming hip hop artists, Sharee has seen her fan base increase tremendously over the past couple of months. In just a short period of time she had had more that 38,000 visitors to her website, www.reverbnation.com/shareefoxwess. The number of plays on her music videos has risen to 16,000, and her Twitter fans have increased to well over 10,000. There’s no doubt about it, Sharee Fox is making her way as a new and exciting singer and leader in the world of new hip hop music.

Fox is also enjoying great success with her R&B songs and recordings. Her soulful delivery style of r and b music with her “”After the Love” song met with phenomenal success on YouTube. She’s been encouraged to continue with R&B songs and well as hip hop. Her talent in both these areas, as well as rap, makes her popular with a wide fan base.

One of Sharee Foxes favorite singers and biggest influences has been the iconic singer, Pink. Pink is busy as a singer/songwriter and an actress. She sang for three years with Choice, an R&B girl group. Her first single, “There You Go,” was released in 2000 to much acclaim from the music world and a #7 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

Another one of Sharee’s early influences is Lauryn Hill. Hill is a true-to-herself singer, not soon to be taken in by the music industry or to give into what fame might be asking of her. Hill recently released live recording of what she calls “deeply personal songs.” The intimate recordings are performed almost entirely solo with the accompaniment only of an acoustic guitar. Five of Hill’s six children are grandchildren of Bob Marley, another one of Sharee Foxes big influences.

Without a doubt, Bob Marley has been on of Sharee Foxes biggest musical influences. Who can deny the sound and persona of Marley in the soulful renditions of Fox whether through her r and b music or her dynamic new hip hop music? Jamaican singer/songwriter Bob Marley is still today the most renowned artist of reggae music. His performances have taken Jamaican reggae to a grateful world.

Sharee Fox credits Pink, Hill and Marley, plus many other performers as influential artists who have help shape her music, her performing, and her style. Yet with all these powerful forces in her music career, Fox stands out on her own, well-deserving of the fame and acclaim she is experiencing today.

future projects

22 may, premier in V.A.G.O hot new video, perform @ V.A.G.O Alum release 28 may n Charlotte musicfest 30 june- July 1. New album TRILOGY come n soon. More shows n deals b n added

Reverbnation And Sharee Fox, An Reverbnation Artist

Reverbnation gives artist, labels, managers and industry professionals a easy technology tool to promote there music online. Reverbnation operates on a world wide bases, over 30 million different visitors come to reverbnation.com every month. The creators believe in; an artist relationship with there fans, fans are the best promotion tool, fans, labels and artist increase the value of the music community. Reverbnation provides marketing solutions to help artist and musicians compete and collaborate with each other. Real-time provides a 360 view letting artist see who has hit there page and the songs they have listened to. They are free hip hop downloads of any genre including R & B songs from any R and B artists, Sharee fox is climbing the charts.

Hucks Entertainment Record Label's artist Sharee Fox is one of the leading R&B artist representing NC. Sharee Fox is certainly taking the public's eye or should I say ear, making hip hop hits since the beginning of 2000. Sharee Fox has a very versatile style, hip hop included. Most r and b artists mainly focus on there style and never take chances but Sharee goes out of her comfort zone to expand her fan base. Everybody does not like the same genre type of music. There is a certain percentile of people in every state that listens to a certain type of music. Sharee fox has expanded her fan base the smart way, being versatile and using all of her tools. Once she started expanding , other artist from different genres would collaborate with her bringing along there fans as well. Revernation has giving her the chance to collaborate with other artist and take there fans as her own. I think this versatility comes from the artist that influence her:

Luaryn Hill, Pink, Lady Day, Wutang, Scarface, Bob Marley, Gwen stafani, Abdel, Rahdigga, J Cole

Now if you are a fan of at least 2 of these artist or groups then you would understand how differently each of these artist are. Sharee Fox looks up to these artist and they are her main influences, incorporating a little bit of each of them in her music.

Reverbnation gives artist, labels, managers and industry professionals a easy technology tool to promote there music online. Reverbnation operates on a world wide bases, over 30 million different visitors come to reverbnation.com every month. Without reverbnation artist like Sharee Fox could not get her music out to her fans, her story would go untold. A lot of R & b songs would go unheard especially without free hip hop downloads. Reverbnation, the home to music and Sharee Fox.

Sharee Fox, Works on Two New Albums, Shares Exciting Growth Statistics

FAYETTVILLE, NC— Sharee Fox, a new hip hop music artist, is pleased to announce that she is currently working on two new albums, producing and promoting two new hip hop music videos, and planning a tour in Georgia. In addition, this busy musical artist is growing on the online music charts. On ReverbNation, an online music site launched in 2006 that focuses on independent artists and bands, Sharee Fox is ranking as the number one hip hop artist in her hometown of Fayetteville, NC and is in the 99th hip hop slot in the United States. These numbers are based on Band Equity™ statistics that ReverbNation gathers including: listeners, fans, downloads, and more. Band Equity™ statistics have revealed valuable information to Sharee about her fan base and impact. In the last 60 days, Sharee has had over 38,000 visitors to her website and over 16,000 video plays. What’s more, she has had 10,734 unique listeners to her songs. She also gained 10,558 Twitter fans in that time period. Sharee is developing as an independent leader in new hip hop music. One of the challenges that Sharee has faced is keeping the positive momentum going. “I’ve been planning on doing some shows and promotion sometime soon in Georgia” Sharee Fox explains. “Georgia is so close to North Carolina, but it’s a big potential fan base for my music.” As of now, 4.9% of her online fans are located in Georgia, compared to the 19% of fans located in North Carolina. Between her rising popularity and other side projects, this working artist has plenty to keep her busy. Sharee says, “I’m working on two hip hop music videos, an R & B album, and my second new hip hop music album.” Her R & B songs have had enormous success on YouTube through the song “After the Love,” and she’s felt some pressure to keep delivering. But that doesn’t slow her down, as she explains, “I am just so thankful to my fans and family for all of their support. And I’m thankful to God for giving me the ability to make music that people can enjoy.” About Sharee Fox Sharee Fox represents North Carolina and the city, the home of the eighty-duce, Fayetteville (also known as Fayettenomb). She has been pushing out hip hop music videos, R & B songs, and bangers since early 2000. She describes her style as “So versatile, ranging from R & B songs, to hip hop music videos, to rap albums.” To find out more about her new hip hop music, or her upcoming tour, Visit Sharee’s website at www.reverbnation.com/shareefoxwess or find her on Twitter @ShareeFox.

Show on 4/20!

Hey Everyone!

Come see Sharee Fox at the Triple S, also known as the Southern Style Saloon, tomorrow, on 4/20/2012!

Sharee is an up and coming artist with sounds so diverse it will blow your mind. What other rapper can perform r&b songs so beautifully?

Her music videos are awesome, too. Check her out by searching for Sharee Fox or Hucks Entertainment on Youtube. Her r&b songs, rap songs, and other videos will be sure to impressive people who like all different kinds of sounds.

It is funny how some artists only perform one kind of genre. People, in general, usually like more than one kind of music. Hip hop, rap, r&b--Sharee can do it all because she is influenced by it all. Don't be narrow minded when it comes to music. Listen to artists who love and perform all your favorite types of music.

Sick of paying for music? Then support local and upcoming artists! On Sharee Fox's site, you can get hip hop music downloads and r and b downloads for free. You can also support Sharee even more, by purchasing her songs. She works hard to produce good sounds, and is currently working on an r&b songs album and a hip hop music downloads album. That's right--two different albums! What's not to love or support?

If you really want to support Sharee, come out to her show tomorrow night! It is going to be an awesome time at the Southern Style Saloon, and we know you will love Sharee even more after the show. Buy some of her merchandise or a CD at the show and support up and coming artists. You'll be the first of your friends to say, "I saw Sharee Fox before she became famous and everyone wanted her hip hop music downloads and r and b downloads"

Comment on her page and let her know what songs you like best! See you tomorrow night!

Sharee Fox: Hip Hop

The hip hop culture has really taken off in the past 10 or 15 years. While traditional rap, from the likes of Tupac and Dr. Dre, was more famous 15-20 years ago, there is now a lot of place in people's minds for hip hop music. New artists come to the fore on a monthly basis, and Sharee Fox is one of those great artists. She has dedicated her life to music and believes that her r&b songs could be the next big things. As any new hip hop music artist, she has multiple influences who have helped to mold and shape her music into what it is today. She has some great songs and some even better hip hop music videos.

Sharee Fox believes that her music has been greatly influenced by artists such as Pink, Scarface, Bob Marley, Gwen Stefani, Abdul, and J Cole. While these artists do not have a lot in common with each other, Fox has managed to create music that is a homage to all of them. The great thing about Sharee's sound is that it is not tied down to a particular music genre. While she has a lot of r&b songs and hip hop music videos, she also has parts of songs that have a certain pop or punk rock feel about them. This is what separates her music from the music of those around her. While other new hip hop music artists stick to their genre and musical stereotypes, Sharee is not afraid to mix it up and sing/write about what speaks to her the most.

Fox is a very open person, through her music. All her songs have a very deep meaning in her eyes, and she is telling her life's story through these songs. While some may write songs simply to make them popular, Sharee writes because it helps her experience the things that are going on around her. Each song is a way of healing, or a way of relating to the world. It is this connection that makes her music that much more special.

Sharee is originally from North Carolina, more specifically Fayettenomb, NC. She has been producing music since the year 2000. She is very proud of her NC roots and believes that her upbringing had a great influence on her music. One of her top singles is the song "Do Something", where her catchy hip hop verses are sure to have you singing along. The single "Can't Leave Me Now", is slightly different, as it is more about the beautiful r&b vocals. These two songs are her most popular tunes, and the difference between the two highlights what a versatile artist Sharee really is.

As time passes, Sharee hopes that more and more people will see her hip hop music videos and listen to her r&b songs. She hopes that one day she will make it into the big time, so that everyone can enjoy her music. Either way, she has some great songs and you would be missing out if you did not check them out.