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The Battle against all haters!

One of the hardest emotion is dealing with other people who hate and pour out there misery upon you. first i find it strange that someone or any buddy would just hate with out cause. For my self filled with love and such joy to live and follow my dreams its only by nature that i would think others would be the same. But in reality it is not so. one thing as a Rock Star on the rise you only come to learn how much people hate you just because you work hard and love to live life and your happy doing so. Its like swimming against the current. Now as to take a stand let us realise whats taken place so we can beware of who our enemy realy is and how we overcome.

Official Band Day

Star oF GolGothA Blogg 01 08/15/13 The official day and first day of band practice had been on this past Sunday August 11 2013. In which we have agreed that Sunday is our official Band Day for Both Practice and all Business surrounding both Band and Ministry work. I must say it has been a very special day for me. Over the past few years I have been flying Solo doing shows unplugged and with my Acoustic Electric Guitar, which by all means has been fun with out regrets. After my Band Skulled Star had broken up and we all have gone our separate ways, I had gone Solo for the most part ( Unless I played other bands as a fill in or had temporary artist fill in with me which has been fun as well) but its just not the same doing Solo acts and not having an actual Band. Even having a band and doing some solo acts has a whole different flavor behind the work I do. Having a band is just as like having a family which makes a whole difference in both worlds. The Name Skulled Star will always be apart in what ever I do, for the name it self has both its reason and purpose ( there is an actual story behind it). I became aware of the fact that even thoe I was Flying Solo and continued my profession in music I had gotten Revelation concerning a new name that would carry my band to come. I have known with out doubt that there was a band for me out there in the world that the members would one day come together bringing forth all the proper elements that are needed to do the work I so love and had been called to do. Truly it has been a great relief in the fact of that I now have the members and its brought back the fun and joy into playing music. I will keep everything posted through our bands Blog. Currently as of this past week the band has now just gotten together to play as a whole band, and two of the members Both Amanda ( my wife) which is playing the drums and Lauren Manuel which is playing bass are both learning my songs and getting into shape as music artist on a professional level, in which is still going to take some time for the band to grow through practice and hard work. In the mean time I still carry out playing live shows both with my Acoustic Electric doing some of the shows Solo, and I also have fill ins on the instruments to back me for full band set for some good live, punk rock and metal music Entertainment and Ministry. I ask you all to please first and most of all keep us in your prayers and upon making your choice as to weather you choose to support us and become our friends and family or not please take to heart and consider the fact that we as a Rock Band are true Warriors out on a battle field doing our part in changing the world for the good one day and one soul at a time. Please Join us at our Web Site as a fan ( which means you become our friends and family) and send us your email to introduce your self so we can get to know you and that we can pray for you as well. Please link up at http://www.reverbnation.com/StaroFGolGothA Thank you for your time, your love and support! May you be blessed and have a great day, please send your email to us at Star.Sardis@gmail.com Thank you all so much we send our Love and blessings, Love always Star oF GloGothA,

Element in its Finest

Element in its Finest Friday, January 18, 2013 by, Jake Babineau I am writing this from experience and from what I know because I live and and have had the glory of being in the moment while at the same time the surrounding atmosphere is at odds. What I am saying just when your there doing what you love to do and the night might not turn out the way you hoped like expecting a venue and club full of people. As to say a good crowd to rock to and to your surprise only a few people show up. Its time like these when the Magic is created and something so powerful comes alive in the music that last a life time. Its all about reaching that one soul that will appreciate what we do and of course can feel and relate to what we walk through when we come to write these songs. I just want to push this out there to inspire all you who may come to a point in time things just don’t turn out the way you hope or expected and just at that moment that is when you give it your best. The beautiful truth is it still feels good and knowing we do what we love to do no one can take that away and forever we have our fuel that keeps the heart going as we continue our journey in this life making way. Keep your heads up everyone and good night. My show at the El N GEE in New London CT, in which was recorded live unplugged on January 17 2013 930pm will be up for grabs in a couple days, Good night and may you have a good day--- Jake Babineau

Punk Rock Venue

Tonight was fun and smooth. The EL N GEE Club good hang out and true to punk rock. I enjoyed having the stage all to my self and that it was mellow, a night of acustic Rock!

A peace of Mind

Tonight was pretty relaxedhanging out with kloey, A God-Daughter so to speak born of some friends of mine.Tonight i was able to watch platoon and relax and allow my self to for get about me and to think about others and the meaning behind the movie it self and about tha actual War that took Place.Vietnam as we know it, i mean alone Hollywood and the actors are only playing it out. My heart sees byound that to the actuall war and comeing to reason and facts on what had happen at such time, the the remains of the wars thats takeing place around the world and in the midst of the Battle between Good and Evil i carry on with my sword and gear! and for a peace of mind even thoe you and people may see and get caught up in Hollywood acts and entertainment, just remeber there are real warriors, and heros out living the life in a glory way! Fighting the great Batle! and for those caught up in hollywood and its world well your missing the real action and life worth living for and its real

Life of Punk Rock

Still today I come to recall what Punk Rock was a lot about growing up and still to this day is value and meaning! As I walk amongst such people of this world whether its business, religion, political views, social networking and just day to day life and dealing with them in this world as I'm now 30 i still feel and know what my roots are and why. The Love of Punk Rock, not just the music but still getting on the skate board for exercise, or taken out the BMX bike to go pick up the milk and bread I love it. I can still get up in the morning taste the fresh air and know who I am and what I am about and the people I'm rooted with that we share a bondage of culture and up bringing. When I look in the mirror I can see the person I've grown to love and take pride in the fact I have not been conformed to the ways of society and there life style but that I'm free and continue to live as I was born to Rock! ...... JAKE