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SHANNON (MacDonald) featured as Breaking Music Artist on REVERBNATION.

SHANNON (MacDonald) featured as Breaking Music Artist on REVERBNATION. http://blog.reverbnation.com/2012/10/31/octobers-breaking-artists-kudos-to-these-reverbnation-opportunity-winners/ New Jersey-based Shannon MacDonald was the Captain SIB ReverbNation Band of the Month. “The experience from this contest win was a tremendous help to my band, myself, and our UK audience…especially since a lot of my music is fan-based in the UK. The Caprtain SIB Show got us a lot more fans, letters, plays, and buys. I, myself, appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the Reverbnation family. My music is truly receiving the attention it deserves and id enhancing our chart numbers. Thank, Reverbnation! Keep up the awesome work.” -Shannon MacDonald

Roger Glover
Roger Glover  (almost 5 years ago)

You have a growing fan base in CT. Hope you got through the storm without too much damage. I see Jersey got hit hard! Keep the music & art coming.



Calling all trippy trippers and psychedelic dippers. Captain SIB introduce to you some amazing musical talents from around the world and this week is extra special for one reason. We have teamed up with our friends at Revebnation to bring to you our Band of the Month. After thousands of submissions we settled on Shannon. An artist and musician based in New York who has been described as ‘The Best Beatles Artist’ in the world. Her music is pretty awesome too. Thats why Shannon has earned the title of ‘Best Captain SIB Band of the Month Artist in the World in October’. A grand title indeed. So indulge in some freakery and enjoy another hour in psychedelic heaven.


Roger Glover
Roger Glover  (almost 5 years ago)

Shannon is a very deserving recipient!

World's Greatest Beatles Artist now has number 1 song

World's Greatest Beatles Artist now has number 1 song

Shannon MacDonald known around the world as the World's Greatest Beatles Artist is now on the top of the charts with her music.

April 2, 2012 -- Shannon MacDonald has spent the past 15 years known to the world as "The World's Greatest Beatles Artist", but in the last 3 months, she and her fans have watched as her music has risen to the top of the charts on top online music websites around the world.

Shannon is well on her way to stardom. Her original single "I Wanna Be Alone" is sitting at #1 on the alternative rock charts in New Jersey while at #181 in the U.S. and climbing quickly and #346 in the World with a bullet. The rising hit is #21 in New Jersey for all music genres. When asked about the inspiration for the song, Shannon said, "Inspiration is not a usual thing for me with the exception of my song 'Stay Dynamite', which of course is about my beautiful other half. 'I Wanna Be Alone' is just another story that wound itself smack in the middle of my music. It is about your typical Hollywood Suicide/Possible Homicide."

"The focal point centers on the lesbian live-in lover/roommate who finds the body, wants only to be alone in her sorrow, but has to endure the wrath of everything negative from Police to Paparazzi. We are now working on the storyboard to the video and will be fundraising on Kickstarter.com with some auditions and fun extras as rewards for pledging. It's gonna be very cool! Keep an eye open for it..."

With the success of all her releases and the encouragement of former Beatles road manager Tony Bramwell, who is credited with the first conceptual music video for the Beatles, Shannon is now writing the story boards for two videos for "I Wanna Be Alone." One is to be a live video to be filmed in New York and Chicago and the second will be short feature length film to be filmed in New Jersey.

"I Wanna Be Alone" featuring Lou Pucci (father of actor Lou Taylor Pucci) on guitar, is currently being featured on www.Fab4Radio.com and can also be heard at www.ReverbNation.com/ShannonMacDonald.


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