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Please help promote SHOE LACE TEMPLE!!

***Shoe Lace Temple*** is very proud to be currently standing well ranked on all "Electronica" charts on Reverbnation...Local, National, even Global ranks seem to keep on climbing!! It's a solo project that seems to hold the #1 Electronica position for Louisville, Ky. Consecutively staying there over periods of time on and off...for almost the past 3 years :) Maybe everyone who might view this post...Could please...PLEASE!! show some much needed support by helping out some. It possibly could allow this project to really take off!! By gaining much more of a population of fans & listeners all around the World. Creating a bigger fan base for Shoe Lace Temple. Anyone can easily help out greatly by just simply "Sharing" this Post and or "Sharing" the provided Link below, also look up "Shoe Lace Temple" in the Facebook band pages aswell but PLEASE make sure to hit that "LIKE" button...


Back down in rank but not bad still

So have not had much time to promote "Shoe Lace Temple" as of lately. So because of that my local rank in Louisville, Ky. has gone down to #3 for Electronica on the charts. Which still is'nt bad but there are isnt many Electronica artist in Louisville. Whats up with that??? Need everyone's support with helping spread the Shoe Lace Temple name. Thank you... Sincerely- Temple Tim

#1 on the charts for Louisville, Ky

Well I thought once before that I was ranked #1 for Louisville Ky. but realized my location was only for my zip code but was still ranked #2 on the charts.Changed my rank to the whole city of louisville not just my zip code. Well as of 12/7/14 Shoe Lace Temple had broke to the #1 spot on the Louisville,Ky USA Electronica charts. Thank you to all my fans and to all of the listeners with out you, Shoe Lace Temple would not be the #1 Electronica artist on Reverb Nation for Louisville Kentucky. Thanks again and also thank you for all the great comments about the music. Feels great to be shown so much love and interest. More new music will be uploaded as soon as these new tracks are finished.

Number 2

Well wow now ranked number 2 here in Louisville and ranked 511 Nationally...That is awesome I hope more and more people learn and like and listen to Shoe Lace Temple everyday. Thank you everyone for becoming a fan and I look forward to future fans. Yours truly, Tim "beat programmer" for Shoe Lace Temple


Managed to post some new songs and got some plays and some likes now ranked number 4 thanks everyone please tell your friends and family about Shoe Lace temple


Well ranked back down to number 8 but thats isnt too bad is it...anyways just posted a new song give it a listen...Needing those likes ppl please share and tell your friends about Shoe Lace Temple



#2 baby thanks to the fans and everyone who has helped me get this far


Now ranked number 5 hellz yeah on my way to number 1 keep the song plays coming and tell your friends about shoe lace temple new music coming soon

moving on up

Wow im really amazed that i am now number 8 on the charts locally.ive only had my reverbnation account for not even 3 weeks now.Thanks for the support and continue to tell you friends about Shoe Lace Temple thanks