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It's Crazy. I probably could write a Song every day. Just hummin' along, singin' along to the heartbeat of Life. I've recorded over 100 of them. But now, we all know quality trumps quanity, Right? Right? It's been a while since I have released a song, called "Flowers on your Grave". Then I shot out "Reject", a total musically sarcastic, abuse of Special FX, that basically left my creative mind at peace, having spewed forth the demons. HAHA. Anyway , I am putting more pieces of music together, and should have a new "Sound" up soon. Thank You, I Love You All, DAG

Music and Stuff

I hope everyone grabs a copy of "Crashing Sun". And I'm setting up a store where I will have 2or 3 albums, maybe a T shirt. One album will be most of the rock/punk stuff and one will be the hardcore Rap stuff. I working on a song right now that will have a metal/rap flavor. Normal lyrics wont work. See, sometimes I like to put together a cool song with a catchy chorus right? Well, see sometimes the raw nasty edge of life needs exposed. I do it through music, and I'm workin on a book. I write about life. right now, I'm doin a pretty good job of fuckin mine up. However, anyone who knows me personally will agree, I will rise again. There is no mountain too high, no water too wide. Like the dust from the desert, the Pheniox will rise again. Better. Stronger. Smarter. Happier. Why am I saying this, you wonder? Right. Because. I write about life. And when you hear the lyrics of my tunes, I am either expressing my own thoughts, or I am pointing fingers. Do most musicians take lyrics that serious? I don't know, judging from popular music, they are meaningless. So, Heres Dag . he's got a chord progression down. 16 measures to rap to b4 the chorus kicks in. Its gonna be real, and I am pointing fingers. I love you baby don't worry its not about you. Never . The most important thing is here is lyrics are the most valuable part of a song. Nice sharing an evening with you, whoever you are, just LISTEN to the Lyrics,


Funny,Funny. I get a hold of some real good, real hair extensions, compliments of my Sista in law. Now, Wendy and I have dared to adventure into many un-exploited areas of Fun and Love. What I'M talkin' bout is the FUN part. Since I was in a Band in LA in the 80's, I'm no stranger to skintight spandex pants, Leather boots and vests, women's clothing, and TONS of make-up. Well, we never stopped dressin up , puttin on make-up, listenin' to loud music. Of course, we have and are raising some pups. But this was OUR thing. Ok. Hair. In my prime, my hair was very long, nearing my waist. I could "boof'" it out, straighten it, BUT.........IT WAS BROWN! I hated those dudes with long straight blonde hair. They got all the chicks. They're Band was always more popular,sans Poison, Guns n Roses, Van Hlen , Motley Crue. Fuckin' bastards! Straight Blonde Hair. Gosh, was I jealous. So the other night ,Wendy duds me up with the Straight Blonde Hair. A cool hat and shades. A pair of her stretch pants. Reebok Hightops. NOW. Dag Ripley finally has an IMAGE! hahahah Finally some long blonde hair to put to the music. We got a lot of Pics. I WAS Dag Ripley, 80's Rockstar for a couple hours on a Saturday night. I will leave the images up and connected to Dag Ripley. That's what he looks like. THX to my awesome Wife, for putting up with my extensive psycho deviations. And the best part, I CAN DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dag and Johnny

OK. Most of you guys have heard my stuff. I took off the descriptions in the song profile. I write mostly Rap Metal and Punk w/ some solid Rock. There is a running theme and unique sound to all the songs.Johnny Dirt is a cool Name. But Dag Ripley is who I am. So please listen, and Thx much. See ya, Dag


Amaj sus chord? What? That's Pop, Dawg. HaHa. Loser. Listen up, turn it up, it will beat your brain in a bit. Oh, and listen to the lyrics.

You don"t know me

HAHA. Ya I have Creative Freedom. A good thing to have. So... I put a minute of music before any vocals. A hit song is supposed to have chorus before a minute. Creative Freedom. I can write about anything, arrange any way I want, and use sounds and loops never used before. I can smash you with guitars. I can Aggravate you Lyrics. I can make you wonder. But..... I tell you this my friends, I have let you into my mind. How many people out there will do that. Everyone has secrets. All mine are right there, for you to decipher. Have fun???? Have Fun!!!!

New Song "Give it to me"

Heavy guitars lead this smash into Rappin vox, with a hook chorus. One of my best, so please listen.

New Song "Angel"

Wassup everyone. This is a super song. Includes some awesome FX, backed up with a strong guitar riff, a off the beaten path arrangement, and one of my better solos. Hey, if you come to the sight or listen to the facebook player, try really, really hard to listen to the entire song. This helps me with plat counts, but more importantly, I work really hard to make the ENTIRE song cool, beginning to end. I know sometimes you hear a minute or two of a song, say "eeehhh" and turn it off. I myself have done this alot, but if I'm to some NEW music, I give a chance, the whole way through before I give a thumbs up or down. Anyway, Peace Out Everyone, have a nice Rapture!

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It's up,world wide, at last. only 3 songs because I'm working on the rest of the CD. I've put out 3 Punk CDS in the 90's, that i may post later. I'll also throw down some lyrics, because Riff-Hop is all abut the Guitar and the Lyrics. You GOT to listen to the words, Listen to the Rhymes!