Telebury. This what they say about them. Pt.2

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Telebury brit-rocked their set first...Radiohead circa Pablo Honey era-esque music..


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Telebury preaches the gospel of Robert Smith and Bernard Butler with their delay infected guitars, dreamy soundscapes and Adrian's soaring voice. While other bands are unable to find a balance between leftist experimentations and pop hooks, Telebury comfortably plops between both tangents, winning the praises of press critics and mainstream fan girls alike.


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....Sarawak is also where several other top Malaysian bands were formed, like Telebury and Nice Stupid Playground, both of whom share similar influences with The Times...


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.....I thought Telebury played their best set ever. Great tunes and an amazing set.

Actually, I have always thought the difference between Malaysians and Singaporeans are very subtle. However, I reckon that Malaysians are warmer than Singaporeans in general....


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Telebury: Quite pleasant. Like the child of The Shins and Coldplay if The Shins were British and Coldplay weren't shit....


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....Telebury, to be greeted with: A full-house crowd in Paul's Place! Anybody who's been there on any of their gigs would know how rare this occasion would be. It was my first time having to trip over people sitting down.


Telebury. This what they say about them.

Some past and current reviews, stories and comments about the band. Will be updated. ------------------------------------------------------------ Foong Kah Chun New Straits Times 03-27-2005 Melancholic moods of Telebury Edition: New Sunday Times

Nothing makes the five lads of Telebury happier than drowning in sad melodies, discovers FOONG KAH CHUN. TELEBURY has an uncanny ear for melancholic melody. There's plenty of it all over the band's self-released debut EP, Is There Us In You? The five-piece act has perfected heart-tugging song-writing full of mood and atmosphere. Music critics, fans and recording labels have all noticed this too.The fact that the availability of Is There Us In You? has been limited to sale at gigs and small independent music shops has not hampered

Telebury's growing listener base. ------------------------------------------------------------

Adlin Rosli Longdrawn: Sparkle & Shine Gig 13th March 2004 8pm

Telebury Some twisted genius somewhere somehow managed to build a time machine to send The Cure, The Smiths and My Bloody Valentine back to the '70s to cross-breed and mate to give birth to the band members who would later form Telebury. Now with the members in their late 20s these bastard offspring of textured and melancholic music greats have started creating their own tunes! The band creates a thick wall of atmosphere with its use of three guitars topped off with lead singer Adrian's angelic and soothing voice.

Longdrawn: Sparkle & Shine Gig 13th March 2004 Gig review

Telebury? Oh man... in spite of not being able to do a proper soundcheck, they sounded amazing. These guys are so good it hurts to listen to them. Adrian’s voice is just so full of emotion. No wonder he has to work as an air steward, his voice is so angelic he deserves to stay in the clouds. The band is so good at using their 3 guitar line up. Knowing exactly when to push it all to create a stampede of guitars and when to hold back to cause an intimate mood. Seeing as how Jam Asia was most packed while Telebury performed, I don’t think it’s unfair for me to say a lot of people were there to see this band. They sounded perfect. Listening to them play live gave me the same feeling I felt on those late insomniac nights listening to Cure’s Disintegration and Wish. The band played “God Speed” slower than usual, which made the song sound even more sad than usual. When I talked to the band later, they blamed the drummer and said it wasn’t supposed to happen like that. Edan said because the song was so slow, he spent most of the time on stage watching the football match on the tv screen. The band was surprised that the crowd demanded an encore. Just Brilliant. I absolutely agreed on something Ronnie told me that day, he said Telebury is the sort of band that deserves to play a long set like that night (they clocked close to 50 mins) because the nature of their music and the massive repertoire they have merits being heard in full. ------------------------------------------------------------