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The Music of your life

You and I live our lives walking through different scenes to diverse beats and diverse melodies. Music is all around us. In the morning, sitting in traffic, it might be Rage against the Machine. At work it might be Under Pressure. In the club, it might be "In Da Club". The question is, where do you go when you want the music that is your life? The life you want to live? Music with flavor, soul, and a groove. Music that speaks to the achings of your soul. The music that tells your story the way you want it to be told. That's what the Wise Men do. Roots, Soul, Americana, and blues. Come see it live, and you can find out what true music can do to make you feel at home.

The Time Travel Spectacular, a smash hit!

Thank you to everyone who joined the Wise Men on New Years Eve to participate in the Time Travel Spectacular. It was an incredible evening of music and celebration, and we could not ask for more energetic or engaging fans. Come see us again on January 25th at the California Clipper in Chicago!

"Confessions in Verse" digital release

Joseph Messing's solo album from 2003, "Confessions in Verse", is now available for digital download. The album will be re-released on Thursday, July 19th at Schuba's in Chicago. The album is a collection of singer/songwriter tunes performed solely by Joseph Messing.

Tour update

The Wise Men toured with Antony and the Tramps through the midwest, performing 10 out of 11 nights, including the "Occupy" rally in Austin, Texas. Thank you to all the fans who supported us along way. We have returned to Chicago safe and sound and are excited for the upcoming months, which will bring great shows in the Chicago area.

Last show in Chicago before our fall tour!

This Saturday the Wise Men will play GRalleyfest, a great festival in Edgewater Chicago. This will be our last show before our fall tour, which will take us to Chicago, IL. We'll be playing at 1pm.

Audiotree live recording

On Wednesday, July 27th, the Wise Men were broadcast live over the internet at the incredible Audiotree studio in downtown Chicago, IL. To view the video and audio from this recording, click the link below. http://www.audiotreemusic.com/music/sessions/atl_josephmessingandthewisemen/video.html#.Tj6ne3jJQ_k.twitter

Don't miss the album release show July 2nd at the Abbey Pub

We'll be releasing a full length album, The Waking Visions of Joseph, as part of the Rock and Roots Revue next Saturday, July 2nd in Chicago, Illinois. This will be an evening of fantastic blues and roots based rock music, with Bullet Called Life, Grace Askew, and Antony Ablan and the Tramps performing. Can't wait to get up there and let it all out after two years of preparing for this one. Come check it out!