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free cds !!

We are trying to get 100 free cds to hand out at shows and for those of you who dig what we are doing, but we have been having problems finding a suitable printer. Hopefully we can get this done in the next week !!

What's happenin' !

We have some new stuff coming up. We've been experimenting with some new sounds, styles and what not, trying to come up with stuff that won't give you that feeling of "I just heard this yesterday". I'm sure you know what I mean. As always, we seem to be a revolving door for drummers, but we're gonna get it done. Thanks for listening !!

Thus sayeth the Raven.

That meteor...

..That was Day crashing back to earth


all attempts to open a worm hole which will allow the carrot people to arrive and conquer this puny planet and transform it into a planetwide garden have failed thus far, but we are working on it ! You have been warned !!

all we want for christmas.....

is that transdimensional transporter !


Let's send "the eye" !

uh huh

we started that 2012 rumor just to fuck with y'all !!