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( jayden ) diamand in the sky

I was listening to a lead that I just put in this music I been working on and jayden (my grand daughter) walked in swinging her hips I asked her if she liked the song and said she really did and asked me to turn on the mike so I did and pushed record. now keep in mind jayden 7 yrs old never heared the song and the words came from the top of her head. win I played it back my first thought was I have a diamond in the rough


writing songs that just come to me, its like a window into my 'mind' and a door to my 'heart' and what ever else that might go on in my life. i started out playing the drums really i just wanted to learn the drums and didn't get a drum set till i was 25 played in a few classic rock bands over the years, then played with a few friends that were writing there own songs and that's when on there brakes i started to mess with the keyboards and wrote a few songs as time passed i put together a small studio and started to play guitar and kept on writing and recording, now i'm trying to sing "why" i don't know not one of gods gifts to me. but someone has to do it. so anyway i hope you enjoy the songs it's what i enjoy doing the most.