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Michael Jackson

Almost everyone in the World is thinking of Michael Jackson today. The doctor is out of prison, but Michael is still gone. In an effort to keep Michaels legacy alive we have written a song featuring many of Michaels song titles. We think you will enjoy listening as it is an "Ode to Michael." Thanks for listening. Luv LS http://t.co/QdTDrdXdN6

Little Sista on Fire!- Collaberation works

You may wonder how one would even begin to write a song. Let Little Sista tell you what they are doing in the songwriting process. They feel that in order to write a great song, the key is collaboration. Little Sista is doing what they have always done best. They started out collaborating with themselves, their smaller network of 5 sisters, (fleshly sisters). Soon after they continued collaborating adding in their musician brother, and one husband as well as some musician friends. As they started growing in their musical library and family began to listen to their work, they realized that they were not alone in their music and song writing endeavors. They realized that they had a larger network of talented family members spanning several branches of their family tree that they could work with. Well, now we have done it. We're working with different members of the family young to old. A daughter who wrote two songs by herself, and a daughter who played on two songs. Add to this some cousins, nieces and nephews, and voila! There you have it. Their new album will include Live musicianship that will be mixed in with samples. Old world music, throwback, and old school vibes..just a little here and there. It's about love, your mother, your father, your children, dedications. It took us over a year to complete this album amidst the sad plight of several family members losing their lives, who are now awaiting to hear Jesus voice and come out of their memorial tombs and rise to a world with no crime, no violence, plenty of meaningful and fulfilling work, no discrimination, no predjudice, no homelessness, and no more war or death. These events attributed greatly to the feel of the album. Little Sista feels that music about real life events is the key to reaching the heart and soul of individuals. Their motto in music is: Listen without predjudice. Peace.. Luv LS

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Thought for the day

Are you bored? Perhaps you should change the way you think about the word. How about using predictable instead. Most days are predictable; they usually go the same way most of the time. When you do something different, cherish the moment.