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Album Update

Hey guys, a quick update on some things going on with the album.

First off, I'm still having a ball making this thing. There are currently 4 songs completed with one more in the recording stage. I'm hoping to have 8-10 songs by the end of the summer.

Another exciting bit of info which is the main reason I'm writing this blog: I finally got my mitts on a copy of Logic Express 9, meaning all of my tracks in GarageBand up until now are getting a major facelift with Logic. This might set the album time back a bit, in order to fully learn to use Logic, however the tracks will come out much more polished and I now have a small army of VST instruments and effect with which I can work with. The intro track today just got a major overhaul, and I'm sorry if this sounds pretentious and self-glorifying, but I got shivers listening to it once it was done xD

I'll be updating this blog again as I flesh out my projects in Logic, and will keep everyone informed as the project begins to fully take shape. Thanks to everyone watching this, I'm definitely putting my best foot forward with this album, and I hope you all will agree when it's done!


Recording Has Started for the Solo Album

For anyone who may be interested, I will indeed be releasing a solo album entitled The Turning of the Tide by mid-July or early August. Two of the songs on it are already posted on this site, and the rest will follow once the album is complete.

I am currently in the process of recording the album, and I gotta say that I'm having a ball. I never realized how freeing it is to be able to do both the recording and the mixing together, as I'm able to crank out a whole track in roughly a day or two. Home studios FTW!!!

The album will be posted on the iTunes Music Store upon completion, however you can also just drop me a line and I'll send you one in 320kbps on the house :)

I'll be keeping this blog updated from time to time with some of the events and challenges the album is presenting.