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Think Long Term

Good Afternoon brothers and sisters in Christ! I want to share a few tweets from one of my favorite artists Shai Linne. Christian Rappers: When we're 60, God forbid we have nothing more to show for our labors than a few old albums and mixtapes! Christian Rappers- history shows us that the thing that is "hot" today will be forgotten in a few short years. #thinklongterm Christian Rappers: What if our grandkids look at hip-hop like we look at old gospel (outdated). Then what? #thinklongterm A: Remember so-and-so? B: Yeah, that 1 album he did was sick! A: What's he doing now? B: Hmm... I don't know. #thinklongterm Christian Rappers: If your album reaches Billboard #1, will you be satisfied? Since when was that the goal? #thinklongterm

I think we all get Shai's point. As ministers of the Gospel we must leave something more than just music. Our job is to be lights of Christ not just to make music. Make sure your music is leaving a lasting impression upon your listeners.

Grace and Peace, Srrvant


Let me offer a simple introduction as to who I am and the purpose of my music. I am a 22 year old college student at Lancaster Bible College who is studying for pastoral ministry. I love sports all Boston teams being my favorites. As for music wise. I write a lot about personal struggles within my walk and also personal experiences. I do not rap simply just to rap, but consider it a great ministry tool. I pray that God would use this tool to draw you closer to Him.