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After three years of hard work the album to be called Exterminatus is done. In the years of work that I put in to this, I have been though many personal and professional struggles. I lost two jobs, I wrote 50 or more songs, and developed an unknown condition that causes wide spread and never ending pain. All of this lead me to make changes to my musical style. The style changes lead me to change my artist name from R3wind to Ric Dolore. Dolore is Italian for pain. I understand that this may have confused some of my fans. I am sorry if it did. Now the reasons for the changes are out in the open.

Back to the album. I have never been more happy with the music that is on this album. You will hear Classical, Dubstep, Drumstep, Neuro Funk, and Liquid DnB on the album. This is going to be forthcoming to Morbit Records soon. We are exploring CD and Vinyl distribution as well for the album. For the near future digital distribution to Beatport, iTUNES, and most other digital stores is in the plans.

As a thank you to my fans and followers, I will be giving out a free Dubstep song called “Fire and the Pain” at 500 Facebook page likes. The link is http://www.facebook.com/r3windjunglist

I also want to thank my wife Janet for her understanding and support. She is my best friend. I love her so deeply that most will never understand. To my Mother in Law Angela, Thank you for the support and clean clothes! Stacey thank you for keeping my spirits up when I was down. You are always good for a laugh. To all of my other friends, thank you for enduring my constant posting on Facebook and Twitter about my music.

This album has been brought to you by God the sponsor of all things good. Bourbon, the most tasty beverage in the world. Beer the reason why Mankind formed cities and towns.

Thank you all!

Ric Dolore

Fan Exclusive Download

Hey folks. I just wanted to let you know that I am allowing a download of my remix of Sarah Fimm's Yellow. It a Dubstep tune with a twist at the end. I hope that you enjoy this as much as I did while remixing it.

Also please take the time to check out Sarah Fimm on ReverbNation. If you become a fan please comment her profile and let her know that I sent you over!


Thank you for your support and helping me get to number 11 on the REverbNation Dance Charts!

Ric Dolore

Soundcloud & Twitter Tags for Producers.

Tagging you music correctly will get you more followers and listeners. You are doing this to get more folks listening to your tunes right? I thought so. This is how you do it.

Genre Tags Label or Artist Collective Use the biggest bubble that you can like Hip Hop, Rock, House, Dance Then Tag it all up with the correct sub-genre. Like "Dirty South", 8bit, Hype, Crunk, ect. Be sure to tag every song with your lable or artist collective. Fizx Recordings, Monk3y M@n If you just wrote a hip hop track and posted it to the cloud and you mark the genre as Next Level Sh*t, then how will someone from another part of the country find your music if they type Hip Hop in the soundcloud search? Well they won't find it! The same is true if you call use the genre tab for a Psychedelic Rock song (like Pink Floyd) and call it Trippy Billygoat Music in the genre tab.

As an exerise, let's break down a well know tune. Taio Cruz "Break Your Heart"

This is how to tag a song like this to get it found!

Genre Pop Tags House, vocal, love, song, anthem, dubstepish, club More Tags Label, album, city you are from This is def a pop tune thanks to the major chords all in the song. It does have that House music vibe and is vocal. It's a love song and has an anthem style chorus. There is a Dubstep bridge but no wooble on the bass so it's dubstepish. This song was writen, mixed, and mastered for club play.

A link to a cool but silghtly out of date genre glossary.


The best part of this is twitter! What you do is at the bottom where is says "My New Sounds" Copy your tags into that box and use a hashtag (#) in front of the tag like this. #Hype or #DirtySouth. Notice that hashtags DO NOT WORK if you have a space in it. #DirtySouth works but not #dirty south. So to get the most out of your promotion you need to use the correct tags!

Best of luck to you with your music on #soundcloud!

Ric Dolore aka R3wind aka Ric Dominy


I have to tell you thank you for your support. 800 new fans in a day is a big deal to me. You folks rock!