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Studio Time-March/April 08

SPIZM just got out of Paragon Studios after recording material for 2 new releases which will be putout on Chicago's IZM Records in June 08.

Fail To Remember EP - "B4uDIE" & "Lay Low" Movements- "Mvnts I-III"

The Movements full length is a remixed consortium of older material in which some had been recorded in 2003 in Wilmette, IL. Much of this release will be brand new. This is our ode to FREESPAZZ style SPIZM, our older and recognized swagger thus far.

Fail To Remember is a 2-song EP which showcases a new period for SPIZM. The sound is less spastic but is still in the 200+bpm range. We are now incorporating lyrics, more samples, alternate instrumentation (not just simply drums and bass). You can hear rough drafts of these two songs here on reverbnation & http://www.myspace.com/spizm

http://www.myspace.com/izmrecords for more info on the Chicago-based Junglebop and Freespazz scenes