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More music coming in 2013 and 2014

Time has a way of changing things. Sometimes too much time goes by. Sometimes time is just not there. Music creation has been on the backburner for Nemeton III due to many external influences, but the time is now opening up. I am looking forward to a new creative cycle. As a musician this the ultimate dream to see what magic can be created with music recording. I am looking forward to bringing my fans new music to listen to and hopefully make the world a better place in my own way.

New song released on 12/09/12 and more coming in 2013

Nemeton III has release a new song called "Shimmering Pool". This features a 22 string lap harp I have acquired. I have much more coming in 2013. This year has been so busy with everything but music that the need to record something new has now become a high priority. I have too many ideas for new music. Expect more of the same mix of acoustic and electronic instruments layered to a lush musical landscape.