NATIC / Blog

One after another

Seems like 2013 will be a year of achievements. The honours is in the bag and now I gotta push the music hard.

Enflicting stress.

I see alotta niggas tryna keep it cool while deep down they know I come to bring their downfall. The Natic era is set to begin...

Takin it serious

Moving on to the next level. I would appreciate your support once again.

Ultimate Victory

Standing on top of clouds, I'm the ultimate high. All of yol will see me shine when I reach for the sky. I punchlined on your tooth and now I'm poking the eye. To you, I won't confide, I got Revolt on my side.

Beginning of an era

Natic has joined a new and slick crew (Revolt) and they are bound to grab the spotlight with both hands, so watch the space...

See the rising star

Natic to take the title of the underground battle! Keep the love coming.

Back at it again

It's been a while and now I'm back at it again...Facebook and Twitter have my name trending on their walls.

New kid on the block

Hip-hop has reached its revelation. Therefore Im here to revolutionize it. All you gotta do is to listen to the message of my tracks and you will be revolutionized.