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Mike Check!....Motivated to Motivate - by Michael Anthony Smith

Why do we focus so much on what we CAN'T do, when we should be motivated and driven by what we can do. Allowing others to influence negativity on you is a weak trait, a weak trait that needs to be eliminated! Believing in yourself will make others believe in you as well. Once the belief that you can do anything is instilled inside of your heart and soul, the vision will be in everyone's eyes for the watching. Support is always a good thing to have, but the best support comes from within. Your mistakes are your best teachers. Wisdom comes from the lessons learned. In this world, you have dreamers, and also goal seekers. Dreamers just sit and wait for things to fall in their lap. Goal seekers go get what they want, and do not stop until they achieve what they have set out to do. Don't get me wrong, it is good to dream but when you have no goal for that dream, your dream will not become a reality. The world can be in your hands if you get a good grip. Keep striving, keep focus and find yourself. If you already have your goals set, and are striving to reach them, go out and motivate someone else! Someone motivated me to write this(they know who they are). Pay it forward people! Food for thought you do the dishes!