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Recording History

Falcon & The Punches, in their numerous years of operation, have recorded demos that span well into the double digit numbers. These served mainly as handouts or promos for seasons as new material gradually came about. Unfortunately there exists no back catalog for these original recordings and many have been lost to the hands of time.

In March of 2011, the band decided to consecrate their first official full length release. They headed to Westfalia Sound Labs (owned by prominent Ska/Reggae act Bonsai Nation) in Canyon Lake, TX to track the basic instruments. The album was mixed and produced by Justin Ross, cover designed by Hunter Hollingsworth & Auburn Clayton and released independently as of April 1st. The album, entitled "Barefoot", can be purchased at shows or directly through the band by placing an order at falconandthepunches@yahoo.com The album is slated for an iTunes release sometime in mid 2011 while the local availability will increase as time, and stocks, carry on.