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Hookay. So Taste of Chains is currently working on or first LP! I know can you believe it? Well, I should add that is being self produced by the band but it's none the less exciting! WE have just a few more tracks to lay down, then the mixing/master process can begin. If things go according to plan, you can expect to see our LP done by winter!

ALSO in recording news, we plan on hitting up the Jamstage recording studios this winter break to do our recordings that we won from the HJY Soundcheck contest, again thanks to all who came out to support local music that day! As of right now we don't know what songs we will be recording there but you'll all find out soon enough, so keep cool my babies!

And lastly! TOC has a show October 11th in Machias, at UMM(University of Maine, Machias). Right now that is all i know. I don't believe there will be any cover charges but don't quote me on it. So if you for some reason find yourself way up north, I expect YOU to be there.

Peace out bros n hos -Brent, TOC