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Long Gone Day News and Attention NY fans!!!

Although we were caught off guard with Ken's sudden departure on bass in early April (for personal reasons), we're adjusting quite nicely. Scott Ryder is filling the position very well adding his own style and sound to the band. He's learned a majority of the songs in a short amount of time and we're already out doing shows again. On top of that, we're in the middle of writing new material.

To all the NY fans who haven't had a chance to see us yet, we have good news...we're coming to Brooklyn!!! May 19th we'll be playing the Trash Bar. Our set is from 8-9pm and during this time there is an open bar of Pabst Blue Ribbon and well drinks for free!!! Be sure to share the news with your fellow New Yorkers and get the word out.

We're quite proud of the fact that we're a live band. When you come out to our shows, you'll be glad that you did and didn't stay home and listen to us on your iPod. We're always uploading live material on our Youtube channel LongGoneDaysTube. Check us out there 1st and then we'll see you at the show.