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One of the coolest parts about my job is getting to meet new people. There are so many nice, supportive, and talented people out there and I am so anxious to meet them all! I don't understand how famous people can treat fans so poorly, too. They are there to show you love and help make your dreams come true, so why treat them as if they are nothing to you?! It is so frustrating. But yesterday something really cool happened to me. I was watching the filming of X Factor at the American Airlines Center in Dallas with hundreds (probably thousands) of people in the audience. Suddenly, these girls were looking at me and freaking out. They asked who I was and when I told them, they screamed. They said they saw me in "Cooper and the Castle HIlls Gang" and thought I was a great singer. I was so shocked to not only have someone recognize me but actually enjoy my music. I talked with them for a while and it was a great feeling connecting with fans of mine. I know that if I ever make it big in my career that I will always stay true to my fans and my beliefs that it is them who make my dreams possible. Thanks again to everyone who supports my music. It's all for you!

Update 5/3/11

So here is just a simple update for my fans to know what's going on with my career as of now. At the moment I am stuck with many decisions to make when it comes to the next step. I can either audition for X Factor, The Voice, or continue with artist development and try pitching myself to record labels again. I am home school now and I've been writing a lot more as well as taking piano lessons and writing with other upcoming artists. Its' been very exciting and hopefully I'll make the right choice with my career. Other than that, nothing is really new unless getting my nails done is something spectacular. :P I really appreciate everyone's love and support (especially when I needed it most). I have amazing fans and I can't begin to show you how much it means to meall so much!


There has been so much buzz about the Cooper and the Castle Hills Gang movie! I never expected it to become as big as it has gotten! It went from a simple industrial film to being a part of the Dallas International Film Festival! On April 2nd it will premiere at DIFF and not only will I be walking the red carpet, but I get to perform! This has all been a dream come true and I cannot wait until this Saturday! Thank you all so much for the amazing support! I'll keep you posted!