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March at a Successful Close...Hurray!!!

Hi all! Looks like March is coming to a close, and it is ending with good news. DestinationDawn has climbed into the top ten on the Alternative Charts at Reverbnation. Easter Day, she hit #10 and today, March 24th she has climbed another spot to #9. That is due to... and much thanks to... all the fans that have helped with this accomplishment. Thank you for not only keeping me on the charts here, but also helping to assure a constant climb. I am so very grateful to all of you. My new video is doing well across the internet, and my music has been successful on many charts across the web. As I said before, I am so very thankful. Keep spreading the news and thank you for all your help! Lots of love and gratitude coming your way... DestinationDawn

Wake Up Video Will Be Spotlighted at Celebrity Hill TV!

Good News just arrived...The new music video for Wake Up will be showcased on the Home Page of Celebrity Hill TV. (www.celebrityhill.com) More news...DestinationDawn hit #16 on Alternative Chart this morning! Rank is 45 out of close to 12,000 alternative artists. Thank you to all the fans who continue to support, promote, and play my music. You help make this all possible for me, and I am so grateful to each of you. Spread the news to your friends and get them to help promote. Wouldn't it be exciting to get in the top ten here at Reverbnation! You can definately help make this happen. Get your friends to join Reverbnation and become a fan. Keep playing the tunes...and maybe ...just maybe... With Much Love, DestinationDawn

March: New Video Out!

March opens excitedly. First off the Music Video and Song "Wake Up" has been released and can be heard here at Reverbnation. DestinationDawn has risen to the top twenties on the Alternative Chart and has an overall score of 45 out of nearly 12,000 Alternative Bands, so that is quite exciting. I want to personally thank all the fans who have helped make this possible. Keep listening and promoting!!!!I love you all. Have a great March...

Happy Valentine's Day

Quoted from Xanga Site; Thursday, February 14, 2008 Valentine's Day Sweetheart The new sweetheart for Valentine's Day at Plenty of Bands (www.plentyofbands.com) is the artist DestinationDawn. This artist has swept the charts at the new band site that showcases artists from all over the world. DestinationDawn has hit "number one" as the most played artist! She has also been consistently on the Alternative Chart at Reverbnation(www.reverbnation.com) for the past month. Looks like a bright star rising in 2008!

Alternative Charts Opening February #24

After a brief drop from #26 to #27 and then #28..DestinationDawn proceeds forward to reach #24 and begins to ascend the charts again. Thank you again my faithful fans who have made this possible. Keep tuning in and maybe together we can make it to the top ten!

End of January Brings Greater Climb

Alternative Chart Climb to #26... Once again thank you to all who have helped make this possible!

DestinationDawn Climbs the Alternative Charts!

This week DestinationDawn moved from #43 to #34 on the Alternative Chart! Thank you to all the fans that have made this possible!

DestinationDawn Hits the Charts!

DestinationDawn hits #43 on the Alternative Chart on Reverbnation. She also has moved into the top ten (#9) Artist for Best Mouth in Rock on Last FM. Thank you to all the listeners that have helped make this possible!!!!!!!!!