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New Album Release on 11-11-11

Through the Prism: A Chrysalis Experience just released on 11-11-11. 14 tracks Cd and 4 page booklet 9.99!!! Mp3 album 6.99!!!

New Show! Want Free Promotion and Airplay!

Moving to USTREAM TV!!! All new format featuring both music and videos with the party in the chatroom atmosphere still prevailing! Want extra promotion and to be featured on the show... Contact me here, and send videos to ddblogtalkradio@gmail.com with a release statement giving me permission for airing your music and videos.

Obi Kaye
Obi Kaye  (almost 6 years ago)

Hello Destination Dawn...
Can you send me some more information.
Are you seeking certain genres?

Get airplay! DestinationDawn & StarWing Production's Indie Music Show

More About DestinationDawn & StarWing Production's Indie Music Show Indie Music Show hosted by DestinationDawn at Blog Talk Radio. This show features multi-artists and plays music from multi-genres to give your talent, creativity, and music some extra exposure. Each show is highly promoted on many networks and press releases. If interested in getting airplay please contact: DestinationDawn at ddblogtalkradio@gmail.com

Also,please drop a track and a greeting(introduce your band and introduce the song) which will be broadcast as an intro to your song in the drop box below (no profanity or improper content, please as it is an all ages show.

To better enable more artists to receive airplay, the show will consist of one song from each artist and a 60 sec clip or so of your greeting to announce your band and your song.

So please drop off 2 files...the song and the greeting. The Song needs to be labeled CLICK SEE MORE Song Name Artist Name The Greeting : Greeting, Artist Name

Also send an email to: ddblogtalkradio@gmail.com Include: Name of Band/Artist Song Title Short note giving permission for airplay without compensation. ***In order to receive airplay you must have all of the above... Each show receives a fair amount of promotion and is a great way to meet other artists and fans in our "party" in the chatroom. It is also a great way to discover all the wonderful creativity in our indie community. Thanks looking forward to featuring your talent and music!

*you will need to give written permission for your music to be played * and submit your mp3 song with another 60 sec clip greeting to serve as your introduction! *Drop in the Drop Box please... found on artist page or at: http://soundcloud.com/destinationdawn/dropbox

The venue on Reverbnation:http://www.reverbnation.com/venue/destinationdawnindiemusicshow

The Broadcast:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/destinationdawn

Barely Small™
Barely Small™  (about 7 years ago)

would love to have my band's stuff on your show....any limit on length of song?

March 2010 has been very EXCITING!!!!

March has been an exciting month! Many thanks to Cyphreinc, Cyborg Music,and Reverend H. Cronicles for making it a great month!!!!

~ Cyphreinc Podcast #011 ~ has just been released this March 13, 2010 this segment includes the following artists:

1. Strange Folk - On my Own 2. Cowboy X - Gabbi 3. Furlo - Cruellest Friends 4. Tim King - Kiss & Run 5. Indianapolis Jones - What a Gyp 6. Fire Spoken by the Buffalo - Like Rivers (Live) 7. Matt Stevens - Burning Bandstands 8. Endo Meso - Elf & Ant 9. How To Avoid Art - Field of Blood 10. DestinationDawn - Nightmares Gasp 11. Jupiter Crash - Dark Surprise 12. Club Smith - Lament 13. Dub Pistols - Running from the Thoughts

You can check out the podcast and more at:


****Cyphreinc Podcasts are released each month where you get 13 "Choons" Available on the 13th of the Month

Tremendous thanks to Cyphreinc for the inclusion on his wonderful podcasts!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Also released in March!!!! FREE!!! Independent Music Generation Compilation FREE!!!

Many Thanks to Cyborg Music for all the work on this compilation! Best news...It's free!!! You can get yours at:


This album includes the music from the following artists: Artists ::

Independent Music Generation

1. Yumenomado Echo Mode

2. bAt yOmKin A One of Us

3. DestinationDawn 2010

4. Ameba Metralla Suburbio

5. Reconsiderate Let's Go

6. Cyborg Music

Also... Many thanks to Ear Candi Magazine for the feature on p11! Ear candi Magazine is a great music publication with issues each month:


Tremendous thanks to Reverend H... from Reverend H. Cronicles and Ear Candi Magazine!

Looking Back on 2009 and Moving Forward to 2010

Looking Back and Moving Forward to 2010

2009 is almost history. Looking back it has been a busy year...Starting out on January 1st last year, two songs "Dirty Lil Secrets" and "Countess Bathory" were released. During the year video presentations for the songs were also completed. In February, a collaboration, "Tantalizing" with Wasted obsession came about. The video for Tantalizing was also released thanks to the generosity of artist, Wilfred Hildonen. Many thanks to Wilfred and Julyana for their help with this project. I had a wonderful live interview on The Beat where my music was featured. Many thanks to Jerry for the feature! Later in the year, StarWing Productions Indie Music Show became a reality launching its first show in May, followed by several more indie mix shows and a couple of artist live interviews throughout the rest of the year. Many thanks to all the indie artists who were a part of each and every show. The theme song for the show was also completed at this time and the Promo piece. May was also an exciting month because I was named Xrlent Radio Australia Artist for May/ June and my music included on the very first Digibeats broadcast. This year saw several more radio stations picking up my music. too. Another collaboration came about, this time with Frank A Dicker and his song, "Go Away Love", which was a lot of fun. A two-song release The Sower, The Reaper was completed and the album "Tainted Twist of Reality" became a reality. Bringing the year in for a landing, my final release for the year, and keeping with my tradition of releasing a Christmas song each year "Christmas Cheer" was composed and released. StarWing Productions also celebrated its very first Christmas show with "A Very Indie Christmas to You"...

And I am wondering why I am exhausted!!!! Reflecting back I realize that I have accomplished more than I had thought because my desires far exceed my human strength, and I wanted to do so much more... Oh well...there is a new year on the horizon in which to focus...2010.

But before I do I want to thank all who have been there for me for your tremendous support throughout 2009 and your wonderful friendship towards me.

Here's wishing that 2010 is a wonderful year filled with great promise, shining bright with warm memories, filled with love and true friendship, with a heaping helping of creativity, and one where dreams really do come true!! May 2010 be everything extra-special for you!!!

This is really a momentous New Year's and the heavens will display the ushering in of this new year and a new decade. There will be a Blue Moon this New Year's! The New Year's Eve blue moon will be visible in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Africa. For partygoers in Australia and Asia, the full moon does not show up until New Year's Day, making January a blue moon month for them. For those in the Eastern Hemisphere, you can celebrate with a partial lunar eclipse, too!

DestinationDawn Partners with Make-A-Wish

DestinationDawn Partners with Make-A-Wish How would you like to make wishes come true? Wouldn't that make you feel good? And what if fulfilling someone else's wish took very little effort on your part and didn't cost a penny from you to fulfill. Wouldn't you want to lend a hand even more? And what if that person was very sick or even terminal and fulfillment of that wish brought a great light of joy in those dark hours of illness.

Well you can! I have partnered with Make-A-Wish Foundation. Every time you download one of my songs from Gimmesound.Com, you are helping make wishes come true.

At Make-A-Wish, they grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. There’s nothing like making a sick kid’s wish come true. During a wish experience, joy eclipses illness – and that’s why "Make A Wish" is here. Having granted 182590 wishes...a wish every 40 minutes.

By downloading my music here for free at Gimmesound.com not only does the artist get compensated, but you will also help a notable cause, mine being Make-A-Wish.

So feel free...for free...to download music for free...and grant free wishes!!! www.gimmesound.com/destinationdawn

XRLENT Radio Australia Featured Artist May/June 2009

Featured Unsigned Artist for May/June 2009 on XRLENT RADIO AUSTRALIA! I am so honored and absolutely thrilled to be included with these very talented former featured artists: Deccember/January: Bob Findlay February: Dale Goodie March: Michael Charles April: Kammora May/June: DestinationDawn

My Music Featured on the First Episode of "Digibeats"

I am very honored to be featured with my music on the very first episode of "Digibeats" from XRLENT Radio Australia. Hosted by Sean Campbell and featuring Bob Findlay, DestinationDawn, and KAAMORA. The podcast is embedded here for you to listen to. Much thanks to Sean Campbell, XRLENT Radio Australia and Digibeats for this wonderful feature!!! You can hear the archived podcast here: http://xradigibeats.podomatic.com/entry/2009-07-13T01_33_30-07_00

Blog Talk Radio Shows

The first three shows of StarWing Production's Indie Music Show hosted by DestinationDawn have aired and are now archived as podcasts: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/destinationdawn Original airdates and shows are as follows "The Beginning" May 28th, 2009 "In the Groove" July 23, 2009 "Kat Dyson Interview and Music from Colour Kommentary EP August, 4th , 2009

One Million by 2010?

Can I reach 1,000,000 Plays by 2010? Only with your help for sure!!!! Each song play brings me one step closer. I have about 350,000 plays and need about 650,000 plays. (It took about a year to get that amount) Tunepak play: http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/1303103 Timer Countdown to the Deadline posted on my artist page: http://www.reverbnation.com/destinationdawn Thanks to all who help!!!! Should be interesting to watch over the days and months leading up to the deadline. They say many hands make light work. I need many ears! Even just one song play brings me closer!