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Aggregators and Streaming Music

STREAMING Music OR How Aggregators Get the dollar and the artist get the penny. Today music lovers are buying less down loads and streaming more. why pay .99cents to 1.25 for down load when you can stream for.003cents or for free. On a typical day, listeners spend hours on their laptops, scouring the Internet for the latest music.He or she uses a site that aggregates music recommendations from blogs to discover new artists and songs . They rarely buy songs or albums. If you are lucky enough to have your songs streamed from sites such as Pandora and Spotify just naming a few;You may get that $.001- .003 cent streaming fee.Mean while aggregators get the $10.00 or so monthly fee from their subscribers It's plain to see that the recipients of our labor and ideals are the listeners and aggregators. Wonder if we'll ever get justifiable pay for our talents. www.cdbaby.com/cd/tedroberson/3

streamers get free music

STREAMERS GET FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS (and it’s all legal.) Musician’s barley gets paid. If you are trying to sell your MP3's thru any of the major aggregator companies, you’d better know the difference between a stream and a download. For those of you who don’t know. A paid down load gives the buyer the right to down load and save the MP3 file to his drive or disk to keep. A paid down load gives you .99 cents minus the processing fees that go to the aggregator. A stream is supposed to be a listen. Yes the listener pays but you only get a fraction of a penny from .0001 to 0.1 cents depending on the aggregator. It’s all legal because everyone is getting his fair share. MUSICIANS BARLEY GETS PAID. STREAMERS GET FREE MUSIC DOWN LOADS. Why because 99% of music lovers are ripping the musicians and artist off by using streaming audio recorders. They will stream your whole CD for less than 0.1cent.Ifyour CD sells For 9.00 then you lose 8.99cents. This is so unfair but its legal, we’re getting our fair share. Musicians artists and bands work hard and buy expensive equipment to help hone their craft, where is the compassion? All you streamers enjoying this free music PLEASE think of the hard work put in by the artist and musicians give some respect PLEASE buy at least one .99cent down load.