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Morrison's Prophecy / Blog


In Honor of the Summer Solstice, I'd just like to take a moment to thank all of you who have supported me. I often forget that i have "Fans"... no,.not because I'm too wrapped up in myself to notice, but because I think of most of you as "Friends who I met through my music". No, I don't get a chance to talk to all of you individually as much as I'd like (but let's face it.....there are now a whole hell of a lot more of you out there than when I started this whole Morrison's Prophecy thing......more than I ever expected really) No, I may not be playing sell-out crowds in huge arenas (yet), but I wanted to thank each and every one of you for making me feel like a "Star". I Love you all. Thank you. May the Solstice see a new day dawn in your lives (whether you believe in hokey mumbo jumbo or not) -RWKJB http://morrisonsprophecy.bandcamp.com/track/vi-emotion-the-star

Alive She Cried

Doors Tribute? Seattle Band? AMAZING music" ....... BUY TICKETS AND GO ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!


LONDON-Area Bands

Are you in London? The UK?

Do you want to look as good as you can look?

Do you want to work with an artist and not just a "Photographer"?

Contact Rosee and let her know that the Reverend Warlock sent you. She may not give you a deal for it, but she doesn't have to: she is THE VERY BEST in the UK.

...and that's the Gospel Truth.....



A(minor)Theism: The belief that music is the Universal Language, I am tHE rEVEREND wARLOCK kEVIN j bYRNE eSQUIRE... Come to the Church of Morrison's Prophecy http://morrisonsprophecy.bandcamp.com/album/the-alchemical-process


I often forget that I have "Fans" I've come to get to know so many of you that I've met through my music and been supported in my art by those closest to me that I think of you all as "Friends". ...and I'm a huge fan of each and every one of you Thank you all.


(-Seattle, Wa 05/09/14)

Seattle electronica act Morrison's Prophecy announced today that their web-exclusive album "Apocrypha" will be indefinitely going out-of-print as of May 1st, 2014.

"Our recent signing with Wicked Wonderland Empire has caused us to reevaluate our present marketing strategy and it is felt that emphasis on our older work should be toned down as we move forward. To that end, we are streamlining our available catalog and scaling back to focus on the future." Said founder The Reverend Warlock Kevin J Byrne Esq.

Moving forward, Morrison's Prophecy will be focusing their efforts toward promotion of the forthcoming album "Geistmusik" and a possible re-pressing of their debut "The Alchemical Process" under the Wicked Wonderland Empire imprint.

"Currently, 'Geistmisik' is the focus, but we have discussed a physical re-issue of a remixed, extended and remastered version of 'The Alchemical Process' with the label. We feel that if we are going to be promoted by Wicked Wonderland, we should be sure that all of our work serves to promote them as well with appropriate branding, etc."



one of my favorite tracks of all time.

One day, I hope to at least remix this.....

Thanks for the inspiration, Rudy.


Happy 2014

2013: A year in review.

Could it have been better?: Yes. Could it have been worse?: Yes. Did I make mistakes this year?: Yes. Did I learn from them? : Yes. Will next year be what you make of it?: Yes.

Conclusion: 2013 was a good year. Make 2014 even better.

Happy New Year, everyone

Are You Scared Yet?

“Alone” is a word. There is no utterance in any tongue which may hope to encapsulate the magnitude, the gravity of the truth that is “Alone”. The God of your childhood, the very fulcrum upon which the entirety of your existence depended, is now gone. Shattered. Destroyed outright and with it your very understanding of YOU.

Absolutely everything in your world has been stripped away from you and there is nowhere to turn, no one to trust, no sanctuary nor friend. All that is left is the ghost of who you were, left to wander aimlessly somewhere in that half-life that follows the embrace of Apostacy; a harmony in search of the melody that can never be heard again….

Are you scared yet? You should be…

“Geistmusik” is coming…..

AUG 9th @ ReBar

Join Morrison's Prophecy this Friday night at the Re Bar in Seattle for a live performance and see what all of the hype is about. I will be performing new material from the forthcoming album "Geistmusik" plus "classic" tracks for those who've been following for a while now. https://www.facebook.com/events/194912444016136/