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Moving...again...broke...again... Hit by a teenager who totaled my car, trying to book tours, organize rehearsals, write songs, finish songs... It ain't the glam life people think. But I fuckin' love it!!

Rev'n up

They call me El Drifte for a reason! Now I'm back, again from Austin, in Minneapolis. Had a great show the other night with the boys here in town and it only served to remind me how great it is playing with these boys! We have a lot of catching up to do, but we will be playing many shows in the next few months, gearing up for a tour of Belgium and Holland in December. Upon return from Europe, and after the holidays are over, we will be hitting the road for an 8 week coast to coast tour of the southern US (where the weather is warm). Stay tuned, friends, a lot is about to start happening.

The Drifting Reverend is back!!

Well, sold the farm, packed the jalopy, and moved the operation from Minneapolis to Detroit! Sadly, I couldn't convince the Restless Hearts to join me but we will be playing some spot shows together over the next couple months, so far scheduled for Minneapolis and Kansas City. Will be building a crew in the Motor City as soon as I get settled in, so keep your eyes and ears peeled! The Drifting Reverend is back on the loose! This is gonna get real good!!


Well, this has been an interesting year already! Americana Monday has started off with a bang at Cause Spirits and Sound Bar, here in Minneapolis. El Drifte and his Restless Hearts have played a host of great shows, the crowd keeps growing, and all is very exciting!

I am currently getting a new website together that should be on the innerwebs very soon, and am trying very hard to get a full scale tour together by this fall, at the latest, pending the purchase of a proper tour vehicle (watch for a possible kickstarter campaign to get it all underway).

I have been meeting so many awesome people...fellow musicians, fans, and just lovers of good music in general; and the band has been playing with a wealth of killer bands!! Damn, I love being a musician! (Flakey, broke, and aloof though we may be).

There is a Mexican invasion in the works for the early part of 2013 as well, assuming the aliens don't come and destroy us all before then!!

Keep watching for all the exciting things to come and, as always, thank you all for your continued support!!

The players:

What you hear on the ep is a super group of Minneapolis hired guns, featuring:

El Drifte-Lead Vocals Andy Pierzina-Lead and rhythm guitar Jeff Marcovis-Drums, pedal steel guitar, organ Jacob Grun-Rhythm and acoustic guitar Scott McVeigh-Bass Jamey Groethe-Violin Katie "Barn Swallow" Marshall-Vocal Harmony

It is the help and talent of all the people mentioned above that allows El Drifte to kick so much ass!!