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!st song written for 2nd album

Already started writing for the follow up to our forthcoming album, "Shut Up & Take It". Finished the first song tonight. Came out sounding great.

Album close to being finished

All the guitar and bass parts for our new album have been recorded. Just gotta get the vocal, mixing and mastering done. Hope to get these great tunes to everyone soon!

1,500 Fans!

We just hit 1,500 fans. We were at 300 just a couple months ago. We are glad everyone is digging out tunes. Next goal, 2,000 fans!!

Our first music review!!

Ruins N.Y.C has reviewed us. Check out the link here. http://www.ru1ns.com/2013/08/mouf-rot-killerado-death-hop.html

More than 350 new fans in one week!!

Things are looking good for Mouf Rot. Have a lot of people showing interest and support, for our songs. Less than a week ago we hit the 1,000 fan mark, and now we are near 1,350. We hope to keep adding to the Mouf Rot masses. There will be a new single from our upcoming debut album, "Shut Up & Take It", very soon!! We know everyone will dig the hell out of the new sound of our twisted music.

1000 Fans and counting!!

We are now over 1,000 total fans. Thanks for all the great support everyone!!

New song "Keep The Change" written

Got another song written for the album and ready for the studio. That puts us at halfway through the writing process for the guitars, bass and the beats for our full length album.

500 Facebook likes!

Thanks to everyones support over the last few months, we have hit 500 likes on Facebook. Now lets get to 1,000. Check out our Facebook page and like us. https://www.facebook.com/MoufRotCO

4th song changed

Wrote a new set of riffs for the 4th song off the new album, "Shut Up & Take It" Sounds much better now.

Another song written

The guitar and bass parts written for the forth song off our upcoming album "Shut Up & Take It".