Birds of a Feather Art Exibit

When three incredibly talented guys got together to throw a party as a kick-off for a summer-long art exhibit – wow! was the word most often spoken throughout the evening. It’s become an annual tradition for artist Clark Hipolito to have a summer show in Wilmington, NC at Deluxe, a beautiful restaurant in the downtown historic district. This year his artwork is being displayed not only on canvas but on Lichty Guitars and Allison surfboards. It is a real treat to be a part of this collaboration and the collection on display really is astounding. At last night’s opening we enjoyed great company, wonderful food dished up by Deluxe and great music by Sai Collins. June 11, 2011 @Deluxe Café Wilmington NC

Deeply Spiritual and Emotional Musician

Deeply spiritual and emotional musician: Sai Collins For Sai Collins, "birthing a song" composing the lyrics and accompanying guitar chords is not about filling in the structural blanks of verse-bridge-chorus, verse-bridge-chorus. Its a deeply spiritual and emotional experience. The 31-year-old Wilmington singer/songwriter has dabbled in every musical style imaginable, but the main thread in all his musical interests has been the experience of music itself. "Music is life and life should be about inspiration and passion," Collins says. Born in Los Angeles, Collins moved outside of Bladenboro, North Carolina, with his parents when he was seven. Son to a trumpet-playing father and a classical guitar-playing mother, there was never any doubt in his mind that he would also pursue music during his lifetime it was just a matter of when. He started playing guitar at 14 and moved to New York when he was 20. A former romantic relationship brought him to Wilmington in 2004, and it was in this small coastal city that his musical epicenter gained power. In 2004, he released his first single, Missing Faces, which was composed for the local CUE Center for Missing Persons after a member saw Collins playing in a local bar and asked him to take on the project. That same year, he helped form accompanying band The Getaway Drivers, with drummer Dan Maggio, bassist Eric Vithalani and percussionist Sonny Cordilleras. The next few years were filled with the release of the full-length album Through My Eyes (2005), a compilation album entitled Helping Hands Volume 2 (2008) and a two-song single, Yellow Summer Days (2008). Collins keeps a full tour load, playing festivals on the road and circulating the local scene. He also teaches guitar and percussion at DREAMS Center for Arts Education, a local nonprofit devoted to building character and self-esteem in young people through involvement in the arts. -Lindsay Key, Wrightsville Beach Magazine, Jan 2010

New Song: Water Won't Drown Me

While spending time rehearsing for upcoming shows, I paused for a moment to listen to the lyrics and rhythm that was being placed on my heart. The words pictured those experiences in life that we all face on our journey through relationships of every kind, with family, friends, lovers & God. I felt as if I was being gifted with spirited words of affirmation to share and carry through this glorious new year. Draw the strength to Live your dreams in 2014. And remember no matter what you may encounter along the way... the "Water Won't Drown Me"

Listen to Water Won't Drown Me on SoundCloud here: http://tiny.cc/ypsp9w

Lyrics: Paper kites & rubber balloon strings taste of ink revealing new meanings rising tide, water wont drown me can you hear the pounding, my heart singin oh, no, the water won't drown me In winter sky, sun sets quickly love goes blind, faith finds new meaning I stand alone, but I'm never lonely fireflies chase out the dark singin oh, no, the water wont drown me You write the song, my heart will sing You be the one, I draw your strength singin oh, no, the water wont drown me Cotton clouds but not like the candy roller-coaster ride that I’m ending along the way cold rains down on me hummingbirds will guide me through safe singin oh, no, the water won't drown me

You write the song, my heart will sing You be the one, I draw your strength singin oh, no, the water wont drown me

(view the image on FB... http://tinyurl.com/mdnnctq )


There is little comparison between our 25' foot camper and the Delorian except for this fact, as we traveled across the Memphis bridge we took a trip Back to the Future. Most of our time was spent reliving moments of American culture from civil rights to music history. We traveled in time through the story of Martin Luther King and the movement of civil-social empowerment he drove, we visted the hotel room he spent his last earthly hours in. The mood changes as our tour progressed and find ourselves aross the street looking through the enemy's window. From here we stood in the very spot where James Earl Ray took aim, fired and killed one of the greatest civil rights leaders of African American history. As the mood fades to gray we turn the page, walking away from the Memphis Civil Rights Museum we're greeted by an Urban Folk Art highlight. The Magnificent mural project, How Sweet The Sound by Edwin McSwine, depicts the faith, pride and harmony that rings aloud in Memphis.

If you are ever anywhere near the corner of Mulberry St. & Patterson Ave. in Memphis stop and discover, How Sweet The Sound. I stopped to freestyle a new song in front of the mural, watch it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkeyUh0v3Ds&feature=plcp

In a town where music makes the loudest sound, Memphis is the long time home to blues, soul, rock & roll. Another musical highlight was Sun Studios were we listened to Elvis's first recorded song, 'My Happiness.' As we stood in the actual recording room we also heard a playback of 'Blue Suede Shoes' by Carl Perkins. The moments felt surreal, reliving the classic sounds and experiences of early Sun Studio musical greats.

More info: Artist Edwin McSwine - www. blackartinamerica.com/profile/EdwinMcSwine



Two days is not nearly enough time to spend in what some proudly recall, The Scruffy Little City. Tennessee’s third largest city, Knoxville is home to pioneers in industry, leaders in the arts, and traditionalists working to preserve its heritage. Knoxville culture and history can be explored and discovered in its 20 museums, numerous performing arts venues, and its historic neighborhoods.

A far cry from scruffy, this brightly spirited town should be titled the 'Soul Shine City.' With defined cultural diversity in music, art, and culinary, it's impossible to leave Knoxville without feeling inspired. Best make sure you grab a buttermilk biscuit too, on your way out. On our drive from Knoxville into Memphis I reflected on good times spent with Heath & Jess, new friends and oh Panama Jack too. As I daydream on the parts of Knoxville I yearn to experience on our return I felt inspired to describe the 'Soul Shine City' in poem...

Lyrics from the Road:

Paint Your Colors - Take your soul shine and mix it with rain. Add your sweet style and stir it all in. Dash of lemon lime shake it all up. Mix your colors. Take your black and white, outline it with love. Take your Summertime BluEZ and turn the volume. Scarlet Butterfly to Marley could you be love. Paint your colors. I paint my blue skies over your river of love. When the clouds roll over I ride the sun up. Like an early bird rising just to sing your song. Paint your colors. Your like sweet tea on summers hottest day. The best buttermilk biscuit Knoxville Tennessee. A little honey, good enough for me. Paint your colors. You're my clear skies after the hurricane. My rainbow after the storm and the rain. Lucky pot of gold when lucks running away. Slide into my, Slide into my. Slide into my rainbow yeah.

- -

Oh how I can't wait to get my butter biscuit fix at the International Biscuit Festival in Knoxville, 2013 couldn't come soon enough for me!


On Saturday May 12 we traveled west towards Tennessee and fell unexpectedly onto the Dragons Tail en-route to Knoxville Tennessee. With camper in-tow and front brakes smoking like Cuban cigars as we crept along the 318 curves & turns that riddle this NC/TN highway. I said aloud, "I wish we would had taken the highway around," but I took it back when realized that we just happen upon America's number one motorcycle and sports car road, the treacherous Dragons Tail.


Our anticipated musical journey begins in the New Age Mecca of North Carolina. Musicians take their place on it's four corners as the mosaic of sound spills into the air, filling the streets like a river. Drums chant aloud speaking for the spiritual souls past, present and future. It's natures call to the ordinary and the strange, to come together as one to celebrate life as the Creatures we are, human beings. - 5/10/12

New Tasty Apple i-Tunes Music

Catch the news... New Release on i-Tunes Now! Yellow Summer Days is Now Available on Apple i-Tunes for downloading. Songs: Worth the Drive & Earth Girl

Copy and Paste the link below to visit i-Tunes store:





F.O.D Fest Tour 09 - The Journey!


There are some amazing events that occur in life and are so inspiring and memorable that I can't possibly keep them to myself. One of such events was the F.O.D. fest tour that I was a part of last weekend. On Friday Oct. 9 a group of random songwriters and musicians took the Shakori Hills stage together to celebrate the memory of Danny Pearl within that musical moment. I had joined the F.O.D. squad as they so named themselves, on Friday, after the Shakori Hills Grassroots Music Fest show we traveled to Atlanta GA to perform with another group of Atlanta GA musicians at the Candler Park Festival and Lake Community Stage. The positive vibe that was experienced was so amazing and will forever be remembered. Amidst the celebratory spirit there was much reflection on the purpose and mission of F.O.D. fest (Friends of Danny Pearl) which enlivens his memory through the many musicians who have united to be a part of his story.

I returned home from that leg of the Tour on Sunday but F.O.D. fest continues on...They are currently visiting and performing in Taiwan. I encourage you to take a min to check out info on F.O.D. fest its purpose, mission and its tour blog. www.fodfest.org

Musicians who performed on the Shakori Hills Grassroots fest Meadow stage, Silk Hope NC: SONiA (Disappear Fear),Todd Mack,Jordan Loder,Aidan O'Brien,Greg Colburn,Laurece West,Sai Collins, Someones Sister and more...

Musicians who performed on the Candler Park Festival, Atlanta Georgia: Blair Lott Band,David Keehn,Beth Heidelberg,Chip Epsten,Bill Shadle,Todd Mack, Sai Collins, Greg Colburn, Jordan Loder, Chip and more...

View Pics of the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival Show and Candler Festival Show: www.facebook.com/saicollins

"Some people believe in miracles, some people believe in love... Say I believe, I believe I believe in Love!" -Love Gold

'Yellow Summer Days' Releases on CDBaby 10/09

The Sai Collins Single; 'Yellow Summer Days' featuring guitarist Wes Sayer, released today, October 8 2009 and is now available for streaming and downloading on CDBaby.

The direct link is: http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/saicollins

Or simply return to the home page of www.saicollins.com and click on the 'Store' tab, just above the music jukebox player.

Enjoy the tunes!